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Sunday, 28 December 2008


The clock struck one and out they went
60 million marched on from both sides
on they fought in trenches wide
long and winding
like sunken paths across the barren lands
descent not heard
brave they were and still are
as they march on and on
to save to protect
the rights and justices of this great land
and though they 20 million fell
held fast they surely did
never giving never bowing
to those that seeked world control
gas thickened their air so
and missiles crashed down
on temporary homes made of wooden planks
cry the dogs of war
and let loose havoc
as their commanding officer
did but blow upon his whistle
scrambling to get up in the wet mud
ground they did seek
no cover no tree
to hide or shelter
terrified minds and body's
whilst fatigue and lack of food
was most evident
fight they did like such brave men
and at home as loved ones begged them home
further on they pushed
many laid down and passed away so
and forgotten they were as the battle grew on
on both sides loss was but replaced
with another fresh faced young man
sent to die for God King and country
and whilst now the guns are silent
and the fields over grown
here now grows the poppy
drowned in the blood of the fallen men
who did but give life
as so that we all may live freely
once again
of a night when the moon is high
we see them so
walking with their heads held high
proud and tall mighty and proud
in their job as fine men
ready to protect us once again
not forgotten is ever you
loved and adored you are so
in the hope
we never have to send another to die
in no mans land

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Just A Day, Another Day:

Tired eyes scan the blur ahead
head aches pounded by echoes
of recent comments thoughts
all circling around like a west wind
nothing settles all is a
here there and every were
grounding hard to find
and strength slowy ebbing away
how we wish it wasnt so
did we have to have that now
did this have to come right at this moment
how I wish to lay upon a bed
curl up inside the darkness
and leave behind the troubles
of just a day
another day.

Just another day
were today the difference is you
the smile you bring
the arms you fold
around me so
filling me with warmth
and the strength to carry on
my resolve enforced
my heart boosted
all because of one simple
showing of utter friendship
this isnt another day
its a day to move on
and enjoy those
that show us the hand of guidence
and love us for us
no matter the avalanches
that cascade through all our lifes.

Slightest Touch:

I often stand and look
upon the glow of you
long flowing hair
like that of a mermaid
soft lines and subtle shapes
ruby lips of a angel
and eyes of moonlit stars
that beckon unto me
to come on home
follow you I would
falter nor stop
just keep on going
untill I reached your arms
in my dreams I see you so
led in my arms coverted
safe and sound for always
my pledge my honour
and my very heart
devouted in love for you
the grace that is you
the poise that is your body
and the soft tones that flow
from inside of you
send me asunder
each time I catch my breath
and all the more I wonder
if this is but the sight of you
what would the slightest touch
from your slender silken hands
do surely unto me....

An Ocean Between Us:

Walking along the shore
tis often something I have done
the waves gently lap at my bare feet
and my eyes scan the horizon
ships sail on by
and gulls dip for sprats
the sun begins to kiss the sea
and everything is coloured
hues of red and yellow
and a distinct orange
caress the water and I
the cooling waters refresh my mind
and the gentle sound soothes away
the worries of another day
tis been a while I have walked
looking for something
seems never to be found
like when you search for shells
and only find a broken one
but you strive on
to find that perfect one
only to find a different one
and whilst pretty so
its not that specific one
but still I walk still I search
in the hope of finding that
majestic one
someimes in utter temption
you may see the one you need
but as you go to get it so
before you know it
its taking back by the sea
tis now I have learnt
we cant always have what we want
or need for us
but we can always admire its beauty
so admire I will
and watch I do
in the hope one day
I will find that perfect shell
tween this ocean thats between
you and me....

Glen loc Mea:

How the pool reflects
visions of afore
and now
the pale light shineth
upon my eyes
and as I stir the cool waters
and let them wash over me so
before me lays tales
of a man that felt lost
in a mirad of mans rage
burnt and scorched lands
and weeping eyes
filled upon the oceans so
as they lay in torment
did he but protest
to those that waged a war
not ever being his
defient till the end
he did court suggestions
of eternal peace
begging and pleading
unheard...not required
stay and fight
they did ask and push and cajole
but still he said no in defience
pushed away he came
to a place of peace
and watched as the battle
raged on in anger
he walked fields and glens
stood atop hills
and washed away the sins
in pools of crystal blue
his making of time stood afore
and he was born again
often he would sit and wonder
could man ever find eternal peace
or would he have to scar the land always
the light that shone upon him
guided him to here were he was but one
he lived long and true
devout in belief that he had done
what was right for his life
for when time passed and he was old
he did travel to the glen
and here he laid and breathed his last
and as he past and let go
to the lord above
he whispered but one line
let it be that man controls his life
and no one controls it for him.....


Here I be
there you be
what does it all mean
too ing and froing
between us so
this dance we dance
this beat this rhythm
is it a song
or the beating of our hearts
pull me close and hold me tight
feel my breath as it goes asunder
torn and relinquished
I am not without human emotion
so if I turn to you so
under the stars
and say unto you
I love you so.....

Will you run and hide
or will you embrace me tighter....

On and on the song plays
and the more we twirl around and around
captivated by the beauty of you
my mind a flurry with the heaven scent
that wraps itself around me so
the warmth of your body
calls out to me
reminding me of how much a lady
you really are
so if I turn to you so
under the moonlite sky
and say unto you
I love you so.....

Will you run and hide
or will you embrace me more....

The music has but stopped
but on and on the drum beats
wildly and coursely
through my veins
temptation rises
as I gaze upon your lips so
Just one kiss is all I ask
let me die with knowing
I have but kissed a Angel so

so if I turn to you so
under the pale sheets of love
and say unto you
I love you so.....

Will you run and hide
or will you love me too
and never let me go.....

Its time for us to leave
last orders ring out
fetch the coat and cloak
is it time for us to say goodbye
letting go of you now
watching as you walk away
wishing hoping your turn and say
come with me take me home

But if I should turn and hold your hand
not let you pull away
say goodbye on a nite like this
and smile unto you
and say I love you so

Will you run and hide
or will you want me forever more....

Dream Away:

Tis gone early morn
and im led alone
the ticking of the clock
lulls my racing head
as thoughts of her crash my mind
how it would be to know her inside
and surely out
I close my eyes and drift away
and I see you and I upon a shore
golden sands and orange sun
burning down upon us so
cool blue waters leadeth me
and together we swim away
to a dell a closed place
were only you and I
and the multitude of nature
lives on in this here time
parakeats sing their song
and crickets dance away
as the nite gently falls
and the waves kiss the shore
and the fire flys glow
I see the beauty of you
taking your hand and pressing it
upon my beating heart
how I beg of you too feel me so
your soft smile and full lips
make me feel like burton
in cleopatra when he saw taylor
something disturbs my mind
the clock chimes 4 am
and I realise
I was but from you
A dream away.....


Hesitant waiting upon you
lines drawn in the sand
but each time the sea
washes them away
ever fading ever decreasing
am I getting closer or further away
like the boat on the horizon
intentions unclear
expectations maybe too high
who knows in this dance of mine
reaching out for your hand
pulling you ever closer
cant you see
its you that makes me this way
the moon sets
and the sun rises
all to you and the dance you do
for the sake of one kiss
id die tomorrow
and be born again
in a different manner
in another way
if I could only feel
you next to me
as I gently fall away to sleep
with you always in my dreams....


How a simple lady of simple means
tendered her garden so....

A seed she did take
and upon the ground
she did surely place it
watered and tendered
fed and loved
harnessed and supported
untill the first growth
up it shot strong and proud
with a head regal and royal
in rain she covered it
and in winds she stood by it so
and as the summer came
slowly but surely
to over come the shyness
she tendered soft hands
upon it so
with courage and might
it did spring forth
all the hues of the rainbow
repaying her devotion
that she surely gave and gives
she swoons before him
his royal coat of glorious colour
and mighty strength
he does smiles unto her
and says
you have grown me watered me
tended me sheltered me
giveth me love and nurture
now let me give you beauty
for always and ever
with a bow he kisses her so
and says....
Now when a lady grows
let it be seen she does with beauty
inside and out....

As One:

Here I lay upon your bed
the wind blows the curtain
as the moon shines
across our bare flesh
fingers stroke the contours
and hands trace the lines
beads glisten upon the skin
we just gave our all
meeting as one
in a moment of love
two bodies spoke
purely as one
kisses sweet and evolved
linger still upon my lips
and the sweet heaven taste of you
reverves on and on
rising and falling
as two hearts became one
the smile on your face
and look of love in your eyes
brought me to the point
were no matter what
I wont ever forget
how you love me so
shhh she says and holds me close
as we gently drift away
to the sounds of a gentle breeze
and the flicker of candles
and the steady beat
of two lovers hearts......


lay me down in your arms
hold me tight an close
caress my heart and soul
soothe the mind and body
and always be unto me
the angel that you are.

A Moment With You:

Time ticks by so slowy
whenever im led in your arms
all my dreams come true
and my senses spring forth
sensations and delights
all the wonders of you
lay before me
like that of the mirad
of golden rays of the sun
your hands gently caress me so
and all i can do is sink lower
deeper into this time
alone with you
gentle whispers like lovers do
a little giggle a little smile
a knowing look
as lips meet and eyes feed
on the emotions pouring forth
from this heart of mine
love eternal mine and yours
in this moment with you.



How they circulate the mind
corrupting the cells
of utter reasoning
echoes and calls
roars and so much more
left behind in empty filled vats
of what was once a garden of roses
they grew so high and how the sun
would kiss each and every single petal
now they lay torn and ridden
of any devout love
they ever did know
and winter leaves behind a discontent
that will last the summer long
and all the while all I will hear
in these empty corridors
as images of past present replay
is the utterness of the

For You:

This beating heart inside
coursing blood on through
from my toes to my finger tips
how I do feel
the wild beating as you step
evermore closer unto me
your body wrapped in cotton
highlighting the very curves
that beckon unto me
your eyes like stars
in the far away nite sky
on a cool summers evening
all at once my breath does quiver
as your lips press softly against mine
your hands reach out
to clasp mine so
body to body
the warmth rises inside
and on still
does this heart beat
you turn and smile
lighting my world
and every corner of darkness
I ask you why you are here
and slowly you whisper....

Im here for you......


Just because you assume
does not mean its so
Just because it said
does not mean I thought it
Just because you think it
doesnt mean I want it
Just because you are here
does not mean I am there
Just because you smile
does not mean I laugh
Just because your white
does not mean I am black
Just because your heart falters
does not mean mine has died
Just because you fall down everytime
does not mean I am any stronger
Just because you made it
does not mean it will stay as so....


Perhaps not....


She sits in the window
her tears falling like rain
each one that falls and shatters
leaves behind
another broken dream
promises made
promises taken broken
given unto a unfaithful
unpaying religion
left behind a empty shell
of what might have been
she waits for him to return
always late always so tired
her mind wondering
his not listening
both living two seperate worlds
in one universe
the times have gone
and the memories have faded
like a sun borne painting
words now left unspoken
and emotions left to grow cold
and yet in the midest
of the deepest dispair
she still longs for that touch
and for him too tell her
he loves her so
and to never let her go
to wrap his arms around her so
and comfort her pain
to whisper as lovers do
and kiss away the many nites
of broken shattered dreams
but she is too lost to say a word
and he is too alone to feel the need
and slowly
like two boats in the nite
slowly they drift
further on apart....

Walk On:

Dont she says
hush she murmers
close your mouth
and let it be
tis how it is
and nothing more
love you I have
wanted you I did
but why stay
when i'm unable to grow
like a tree that needs the ground
to stretch her roots so
the sunlight to make her strong
and the rain to wash away the day
I'm not here im couped up
in a room of constraint
and whilst I know you love me so
the binds of love threaten
to suffocate me so
time to go shed my skin
leave you be and move on
but know you have shown love and devotion
more then this tree expected
your hands powerful and strong
your will determined
but in the moment of all this
you forget to let me grow
so with the seeding of the pods
I blow away to a distant place
with a strong resolve
to be but living for me.


This feeling inside
the touch of your warm embrace
how it feels me so
with a love never told
do I dare fly
high in the sky
like that of eagle
or perhaps even that of angels
never there and never far
I'm always right here
by your side
oh how you lift my soul
and sooth my very senses
the coursing of this heart
beats wildly evermore
for you so
my mind rushes on by
and my body urges more
for the love of you
whilst onwards I whisper
each and everyday
only your name.


I came to this place
the earie glow in the nite
calling beckoning me so
shining on through my eyes
like car headlights in the rain
I see the screen and words
but all the while
I am but longing for you so
then all at once you enter
they all stop and stare
your presence your beauty
captivates the mind
and embraces the heart
and all the while
I sit and watch the moonlite girl
she speaks her words
soft and slow
and remarks softly
of events passed
and I sit and smile
as they all notice
the devinity in motion
is this, could this, be the lady to be
reaching out with my hand
I place it upon the screen
hoping her to feel
the very feelings I have for her so
and all the while
I sit and watch this moonlite girl
whispering if only

Heart Echoes:

As I sat and watched the rain fall
I traced away the droplets
that seem to crash into nothing
upon my window sill
and each one is the image of you
and me
all that has been and all that could be
shattered dreams laying broken
upon the bedroom floor
alone in this mirad of falling wishes
I cant but help to think of yesterday
how it seemed we were so happy
the smile on your lips
the shine in your eyes
like those stars in the northern skies
on a lonesome night
hands entwined like turtle doves
as we walked upon a moonlit shore
a brief pause to saviour and enjoy
soft subtle kisses of tender lips
as we whispered but three words
sacred was the bond
so special was the moment
now Im alone and your not here
gone from me this day
in words spoken to cold and harshly
was it you was it me
doesnt seem to matter now
as I sit and rumitate and ponder
Im left with the echoes
and all my dreams are
nothing but broken tear drops falling
down my window pane....

Be Still:

We lay in the nite upon the cool sheets
the storm outside rages on
the rain crashes against the windows
but here the fire burns
flames of desire encircle the bodies
and heightened desire is wanton
taking your body in my hands
I drape your skin in my flesh
as togeather we dance the night away
howling wind shining moon
tingles of excitement as fingers caress
pour and soak away the tensions of today
candle light flickers and images float
across the shadowed walls
and her lips glisten as she asks
for but one more kiss
sweet surrender take no hostages
this is our moment my moment alone with you
the back arches and the skin shines
hands smooth away the beads of desire
and legs part to make room for a journey
begun in desire ending in love
rising and falling like a boat on the waves
climatic season finales now here
this our time this is our wish
dreams and hopes laid naked and bare
upon cool white sheets
like in a black white movie nior
and as we give unto each other
her gasps my moans fill the room
togeather we fall upon the bed
were she turns and and lays her hand
upon my wild beating heart
and slowly she whispers
be still
be still my love....


Daylight sunlight
shining on through my window
how it dances like a ballet dancer
caressing the corners
the warmth of light
giveth me sustenance
bringing me on through the dark
tunnels long and wide
distant doors shut and locked
best to leave what has been
and hold what is the now
echoes of voices sheltered
in the reverberation of clinical coldness
its not that I don't care
far from it
I'm just so far from reaching the end
but run I will until I reach
that final door were forever more
the sun will shine on me so
healing me of my woes
and easing the conscious state
basking me in its golden light
now and for always.

A Promise:

Silence.. except the beating of your heart
upon my hand as it lays upon your body
your head turned towards mine
your eyes on mine
that last kiss that last moment
the rise and fall
of two fevered bodies
connected as one
slowy the lit candle
burnt away to a pool
and yet the light came
from the flames of desire
created bourne by utter passion
given freely two minds
feeling the need to express
devotion utter adorement
the tingled sensation
of a lovers hands
draping the flesh
igniting the burning desire
locked within deep within
this heart of mine
take my soul take my hand
hold my heart cherish my body
and love me always
for you have the key
to all of me.

To Give:

Restless is the constant mind
like a river coursing by
I hear the pounding of my heart
quickened breath heightend senses
fingers slowly linger
hands carress and trail by so softly
goosebumps rise and the mind gasps
this feeling envisages the next stage
the kiss soft and tender
moist and sensual
exposure of the flesh
by subtle moonlight
shows the kinks and creases
shapes and lines
of the body form
pulling closer.....
loving deeper
my moon light angel takes me once again....

Broken Dreams:

A man, a wondering man wonders the land
far and wide living by the laws
fish the rivers
farm the lands
hunt the forests
but aways give thanks
then appears many men
iron beasts and electronic beeps
his mind ill at ease
he springs forth and asks why
the reply he gets is but development
for the better, access for those
wishing to see such splendor
businesses and expansion is the modern way
and yet the man neither hears nor understands
he is told money talks and survival depends
upon it so
and yet in his mind he knows it not to be
for may a year no matter rain or snow
the land has lived in Harmony
no fumes nor noise
no rubbish no damage
clean purity in a silent land
now to be seized for a better tomorrow
and when the cars come
and the trucks rumble on by
and the trees fall and the animals die
left behind is the man
wondering why....

The One:

Her eyes... like jewels beset in the nite sky
the way she comes to me...
settles my soul and head
restless and tired deeply so angst
from the torments of the day
Hands soft and soothing
guiding and controling
easing away the self doubt
caused by a disease not my own
understanding my self and moment
the need to cling tight and embrace
this person that loves me so
soft scented perfume lingers
filling my mind with visions of wanton need
and her soft calming words
take away the baying wolves
that knock knock at my door evermore
not scared to see me fall
never hesitant to lift me up
so i see a better day
filled with the sunshine
she brings each and everyday


The Nite air cleanses my soul
refreshes the mind
the whispering wind rushes on by
the giant trees sheltering me so
dancing across the shadows
to those bathed in the pale light
shone from high above
by the majesticness that is her
this is the moon in all her glory
I come to her often and sit awhile
no words ever needed
for she knows me already so
her pale glow reflects inner peace
and heightens my cause for a stronger will
resolved and found
she passes me by
on this midnight walk
everso only ever mine...

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Do you know are you aware
of the feeling when your not here
how I ponder how I wonder
are you there thinking of me
do you feel me so inside of you
does your tummy turn flips
like butterflies on the wing
the pillow my only companion
my sheets the only comfort
are you like me now
do you crave and yearn
for that bitter sweet touch
of our lovers caress
are you fully understanding
the need I have of you
how I long for us to be
but one in this here moment
not wanting to close these eyes
or drift away
in case I miss a part of you
words you utter
moments you create
recorded and replayed
oh so many times
in my heart you will be
reside with me you but do
alone I am not
but so far away we maybe
when your there
and I am here
all I long for
are my arms able to stretch
around this here world
and reach out too you so
so that I may feel you
within my arms
not wanting to ever let go
of all that is us
now and forever more

Silent Need:

When alone in the midst of thoughts
the dark creeps ever closer
and I am but despaired
reaching out for your hand
longing for that moment
to be held once again
just by you
not finding what I'm looking for
in the still of this cold night
dreams fallen apart around me
and all I ever need is your arms
too take this sufferance
ease my mind and soul
save but me from the demons
that lurk outside the window so
never wanting more
but you here with me
creaking panes
tapping windows
from the branches outside
learing and glaring
with their putrid breath
the spectres but laugh
at me so
tormenting me with their howls
of personal glee
hallowed halls
filled but with the visions of you
like cine film replaying
on and on as if stuck
murmured words play out
like a script from a abandoned play
once rejoiced now left to gather dust
lost in a corner of a closed off room
so but once again
I but begin
closing the doors to those
that seek to come
and take me so
pulling the covers tighter
hugging the pillow closer to me
its but in that moment
I realise by my side you are
and closer to you
you do but pull me
wrapping your arms around me so
in that I don't have to feel alone
ever once again
soothing my mind
resting my soul
easing my beating wild heart
like a candle with its glow of light
my eyes extinguish the fears
as they do but close
and soundly I do but sleep
once again in the arms
of my Angel....

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Distortion An Perceptions:

Not everything is as we see
or even as it may seem
to the minds eyes
just because he doesn't say
does not mean he doesn't love you so
they say
just because she doesn't show you
doesn't mean she does not care
they utter
how many things do we perceive
each and everyday
to be what we see
taken on faith
accepted as a binding creed
when in fact its never how it seems
words spoken by plain faces
hide seamless emotions
just because they shout
does not mean they are angry
they may wail and cry
but inside they maybe frustrated
but not sad as you assume
they may say one thing
and do but another
shun you with one hand
and hold you with the other
but does it make it so
a blind man may not see rain
but he knows it is
a deaf man may not hear
but he feels it so
how it seems to hear such words
but to be perceived so very wrong
of all the traits we do have
nothing is worse then the mind
and the eyes left hollow
and though sight plays but many a trick
and your heart may but feel another way
so stop and follow the logic
inside of you so
for if you may not
your distortions will change
but your very perceptions
each and everyday
and your not realise
nothings ever as it seems


This was Inspired by a Good Friend
For You