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Friday, 21 October 2011

Lucidity: ( United Press Published )

A dream but a dream
folded into a envelope
posted via the night sky
delivered right to your mind
as you lay surely sleeping
drifting on through
time space eternal
open the door step on through
welcome to the world of me
the sender
many hues of radient colours
all abound
with the echoes of all eternity
as you dance within the ether so
that is but the night time
stars as your lights
the moon in all her glow
your constant companion
as you twist and turn
shooting stars light the paths
that you do cross
a haze a blur
within this timeless motion
as your heart beats wildly
upon your breast so
your senses all alive
your eyes wide open
this is but our dream
as we dance together
hand in hand
within the velvet skies

Friday, 2 September 2011

Do You Hear:

I cant slow down
I'm running wild
the heart of me 
beating wildly
flowing to wherever you are
my cool waters
washing over my senses so
until there is only
the sun
a thousand million diamonds
twinkling on down
to where you may be
wash yourself within me
and emerge 
as one
the moon lite cascades 
down on me so
the stars my beacons
to the place I love the most
your being your all
your heart beats wildly
guiding me on through
pass thicket and thorn
to Kingfishers
to the Robin
each finding
their own way to feed
restless spirits run free
carefree of all
as shallow pools
fill with the image of you
each a memory
playing on an on
holding me in a tight rapture
until there is only
hold me in your hands
feel me so
your see
your know
I am but for you
my silk caress 
my soothing touch
a million billion particles
within written
I Love You


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Delta Control: Ground Control To Major Tom:

He said, She said
another word misconstrued
another line taken out of context
we did they did
who did really
do we really care any more 
they say 
its a dog eat dog world
I don't see any dogs 
eating each other
I just see humans
ripping off another limb
to gorge their very self s
as the world spins ever faster
to a closer of nothing
people say 
life is what you make it
well how can that be
when others take it
self gain self greed
fat cats sitting on mats
of stolen gold
the poor weep 
the starving cry
oh the might.. 
don't cry at their plight
stop and your slow
might as well get off now
give it up
you showed emotion
and that makes you weak
here come the vultures
for their pound of flesh
they wont care
nor stop
your in their way
to that every lasting lunch
their 7 bags of silver in hand
a wry smile
they own the world
and all that's in it
who are we to pretend
we are anything more
we could make a stand 
say No More
would they hear the cries
Capitol Hill
Parliament Square
perhaps, perhaps not
does it matter
when you have the mighty hand
to crush the rebellion
of those not appeased
we loose all we have
and the while
the earth keeps turning
until there is no where to turn
and the end comes
where will be your oil 
your gold 
your mansion in the hills 
your egos and plastic surgeries
pool boys and maids
and teenage baby mommas
who cant survive
without the money
to feed their own babies
the drugs the lies
the schemes the scandals
the murders 
and cover ups
all for what 
nothing but dead silence
in a cold dark space
that is now your home
_ _ _ _ _ _

Friday, 12 August 2011


One of my all time favourite movie lines
comes from the film Gladiator
the line simply says:

If you find yourself alone, riding in the green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Elysium 
( Roman For Heaven )

This made me pause and think
times when young
how we would run through tall blades of grass
in fields deep and wide
our arms outstretched
so that 
our hands brushed each stem
how soft and gentle it did feel
with the sun on ones face
and not a care in the world
oh but to be young again
the silence of city life
dimmed by the wildness
that was around us so
upon the ground we would lay
staring up at the blue skies
making pictures 
out of the sailing clouds
of too places
we could only dream
maybe a pirate island
or even the seven seas
it did not matter
for to us
they where going
wherever we wanted them to go
such times 
seem so long ago
but oh so fondly remembered
with a passion and love
that keeps the memory alive
in my heart and mind
to replay
when walking in fields of grass
I still reach out my hands
touch the grass
feel it moving in the breeze
that pushes by 
and all at once
I am reminded
does not hinder
we can all still be
young once again
when running through 
fields of grass


A Night's Dream No Less:

Come lay with me..
come caress the night
all its beauty within me so
replayed on an on
through my mind
shown but in my eyes
let the candle slow burn 

down to nothing
the stars shine bright 
enough for us both
each we will see 
and our
lips touch they will
gentle movement 

bodies entwined
almost as if Lily was here

the moon watches us 
sail on home
through the galaxies wide

we have reached that place 
called love
and lay you down beside me so
I will until slumber comes
and dreams alight 
the very reason....
why we have....



Thursday, 11 August 2011

Winged Adoration:

How clever is nature
in all its abundance
my court yard garden
host to feathered friends
cats and mice
the spider here and there
spinning their webs
catching the morning due
a few plants flowers
shrubs and bushes
to encourage them
all to stay a while
some fruits and vegatables
for my own consumption
and of course to share
with my special friends
and herein lies my tale
of but
my cabbage patch with a few
growing here and there
upon them so
after I had taken my fill
lies the babies 
tiny minute creatures
like that of needles
but bit by bit
their colour does come
and to grow they do
feasting feeding upon 
the mighty green leaves
and when they have gorged
fattened themselves
I see the mightiest of creatures
the caterpillar himself
in 4 days he has grown
from needle to finger
with colours so bright
he is but a eating machine
readying himself 
for the journey ahead
today upon gazing
visiting my garden
I do but notice
my large fingered fat friends
have but gone and a tinge of sadness lays
but then I realise
as I look up to the bush above
therein lays my friend
in his silk woven chrysalis
warm and snug
ready for the transformation
where upon he will grow 
twist and turn
change an morph
before erupting
into the bright sunshine
as a beautiful butterfly
colours so bright an vivid
where upon to the wing he will take
and as he passes I will surely give a wave
and say thanks to Mother Nature
for allowing me to see the beauty
the creation 
of life
right before 
my very eyes


Monday, 1 August 2011

A Reflection Of Me: ( Not a poem more a insight to me )

Do not believe in anything because you have heard it.
Do not believe in anything because it is spoken by many.
Do not believe in anything because it is written in religious books.
Do not believe in anything on the authority of your teachers.
Do not believe in traditions just because they have been handed down.
But after observation and analysis,  when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.
Principles of Buddhism Dharma Wheel

I have been a Buddhist for three years now
in that time I have become peaceful and rested
more then I have ever been
my torment my pain
I allowed to rule me
I turned to Buddhism due to my illness
an my life how I was living
in the long process of it all
I have come to understand myself
my actions and words
though I realise I am still human
my heart does still beat with emotion
I do often make mistakes
Being a Buddhist allows me to look back
to accept what it is I have done
or said or even thought
and then allowed me to change myself 
in the given situation
though my heart my rule
and my thoughts may become clouded
even jaded at times
I know that if I step back
make my peace
I can make myself a better person
for me and those around me
I have come to find the things
I once dearly loved and appreciated
The wonder of the world
and the beauty in it
from a flower to a tree
to the bird song in the sky
from a running river
to a trickling stream
from child's laughter
to a lovers touch
I know inside I am part of all this
and so so much more
I am not a pure Buddhist 
for I live a life that cannot be given totally
though in my heart and my mind
I am a Buddhist to the best of my abilitys
and everyday I am still learning
developing becoming
all that I surely wish to be one day
at peace with myself
an the world outside


Empty Words:

They say
sticks and stones may break my bones
but words cannot hurt me
oh how little they know
for you see
Some come with words 
to use as weapons
speaking in tongues
mostly forked
to speak ill to push the boundaries
they say words if good intent
lure you in and make you have belief
in them and their actions
trust grows and moments shared
until somehow something changes
and you become the giver
they the feeder
when they have gorged 
eaten taken their fill
your left but a empty shell
their words rattle around inside
as they ask for more and more
you become self aware
of all they do an say
make a change 
with the last drop of strength
you change the course
live your life for you
an not them that wish to feed
more and more
they do not see 
they do not know
they just assume its the right thing to do
when you have rebelled 
pushed away what it is
that comes like a thief in the night
robs you of your virtue
faith and belief
trust and hope
they turn the screws
lash out in anger
for they are loosing control
not number one any more
when you don't come back to the fold
they intensify the anger
speaking of things not true
their viper tongues
hissing in your ears
involving others
pushing them away
so they can control you
for themselves
when it dawns on them so
you have gone 
they have lost their grip
they become the victim
and speak in tongues to others
making lies
to make you look bad 
it makes no odds to them
their words unashamed
in their hurtful content
they do not see
they do not feel
the torture and pain within
cast by a selfish mind
wanting nothing more
then all you can do for them


I know that not ALL people we befriend are like this
or set out to hurt you in such a way
but it seems for me
the people I trust around me so
often end up using me
hurting me in their games
I am a solitary person
and live my life alone
I have seen and felt too much pain
to want to travel that road again
peace and solitude 
allow me to be me
without the need to have to do something
that gets me nothing in return
when I may need it so
I am lucky to be honest
I have people around me
I adore love and trust
and know in my heart
out of the hundred who come
and who go
they are always by my side
I thank you for that


Friday, 1 July 2011


Who will remember
this day
who will stand an say
I was there 
I stood in this destruction
who will note all the names
the very faces of those 
not stood with you so 
the echoes of their voices 
travelling down the roads
unto the homes 
they once lived
who will shed a tear
for the innocent 
the lost
the pain inflicted
mentally physically
left scared 
to carry on
this strength this resolve
that makes us human
will make them rebuild so
bigger stronger mightier
then ever before
with the knowledge those passed
will never be forgotten
the ability to move on
to fortify to envisage
the next part of their lives so
how fragile we all are
but how unique we be
when the time comes 
that needs hands
held within each others
in the promise of another tomorrow
life is a endless circle
along the way a loss of two
will surely strike
making us pause
reflect on how special 
each person is
thus becoming the engine
to continue
to rebuild
to create
to live
to love
to give
as always
as one


To Those That Lost Their Lives In Joplin
To Those That Still Stand Strong