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Saturday, 28 March 2009


The fire that burns
touches me so surges on
coursing heating
my cold scorned flesh
you know im going through
some stuff right now
and though im crawling
and they are seeking
testing me pushing me
stressing arguing so at me
YOU are in charge of my spirit Jesus
guide me show me
teach me to be to love
to understand to know
that its not always
as I presume, assume it so
show me how to throw off the shackles
and chains of self pity
and walk amongst those
that love me for me
save me from the moments
that dispair the constant mind
you are the love
this world cant take away
just one thought of you
pushes away the rain clouds
and brings the sun
wipe away my tears
save my heart ache
never giving up now
how can I learn to walk
if I dont crawl on my knees
so when I think of you
and all you have
to give to me
I am but walking with giants
the flower that blooms
the bird that sings
I am never ever alone
for by my side
you do walk


Looking For You:

Lay your hands on me so
lift me from the darkness
show me the light
that is surely you
you reign in me
leadeth me so
give unto me this here salvation
guide me with the knowledge
that if I should stumble and fall
may I slip and slide
down mountainous paths
of utter dispair
your arms open wide
I will feel around me so
take the truth
and present it so
in my midest
darkest nights
when doubt lingers
and the body aches
comfort me and sooth me so
let them in their confusion
see all that is you
unto them
and always love us an me
for us an me no matter
my choices
each and every day



The neon clock shines 3 am
the presenter on the radio blurbs
but sense not made
more for back ground
then the foregorund of thought
turning on to my side
huddled like a new born fetus
Closing my eyes laying back
feeling my head sink
futher deeper into my pillows
thoughts of the day run abound
in corridors of discontent
echoes of the things that were
images of the things that are
replay on an on
sockets open and heavy
from a day of self expletion
aching muscles coursing
binded by tiredness
slowly breathing
slipping futher
but sleep wont come
no not yet
as one lays as if waiting
for the moment
when the body will cease to be
cold and barren
bare and naked
shivering to create warmth
as I sink futher down
covers up to my chin
eyes fluttering
minute sounds echo
the call of the barn owl
as she hunts on the wing
in the dead if the night
a shriek of the fox
calling her babies to come follow
scratching of creatures
below in the courtyard
life goes on around me so
as I slowly drift away
trying to heal trying to replenish
this tired aching body
is it too much to ask it
to function so
to take for granted that we are
and we just simply be
or is this just but another day
of me simply having to live with
my M.E


On a spring/summers day sat upon
a little ole row boat I do take
drifting lazily down stream
through crystal cut sheets of glass
as bumble fish slowly arc their fins
to the suns glare shining on down
birds on the wing sing
spring/summer sonnets
filling my head
laying back on my blanket
hamper at my feet
my hand dips down
to the cool waters below
trailing on through
leaving a wake as if mallow fluff
weeping willows bow
as I pass under them so
as if I were a king
children play on the banks
their laughter resounding
on through my mind
leaving me to smile with a rapture
a bridge I do but drift under
and I see a old couple
eating a icecream with a smile
as if young lovers still
emerging from the darkness
into a brillance of utter light
flowers rear their heads in defience
look at me look at me
I'm the most beautifulest here
aside of the tulips they surely mutter
a song plays gently in my head
and I do but hum
merrily upon my spring/summer days
as I drift on down stream
pass tall buildings of glamour
around fields of green
on past wild woods
were boys have rigged a rope
and swing on out over the water
letting go with a fail swoop
the water catches my body
leaving a tingle of coolness
that resides not much longer
as the suns ray beat on down me so
dashing away my thoughts
of a life time away in a heart beat
laying back and closing my eyes
on this long hot spring/summer
my words my thoughts
just pass me on by


Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Love is . . . .

To look upon a new borns eyes
and see devotion beyond all that is

To see the first flower of spring
emerge from this hallowed ground

The wings of a bird
as she soars and swoops the land so

when words neednt be spoken
but a whisper said lasts forever

when rain falls upon you so
and yet it clenses you

when the suns on your face
as you lay together beneath a tree

when she looks at you
and you see beyond all that is

when your hand is held fast
and though let go always binded

when forgiveness comes for them being human
in that we all make mistakes

when tears fall and you capture them
in outstretched hands and kiss
from whence they came from

to ask for aid and soloution
and to be shown the way

when held in arms of comfort
and never let go to be alone

to watch the leafs crown the trees
in all colours of the day

when a lark sings its sonnet
and you smile wistfully

when the stars in the nite skies shine down
and each one reminds you of but her

when all is said and done along the journey
and yet its like the very first time
you saw her so

when she whispers unto you
words and secrets that tingle the body
caress the mind and reverberate the heart

when naked led there upon the bed
and you hold each other close
on through the nite

when no matter time and distance
you breathe as but one

when she simply says
I Love You


Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sensual Need:

Fire lights golden haze
in your eyes as you smile
directly down on me
my body pressed close to you
trapped in this interlock
your lips quivering
as we move as one
candle flames flicker so
upon diluted pupils
the moment shared in the eons
of borne life of deliverance
shedding clothes to the point
of pure flesh and innocence
your ruby lips of desire
touching flickering
against my needful gasps
hands hold clutch
as my fingers trail
upon the bare skin
each line and crevice
a map voyage of discovery
scented neck of wanton
pressed into my face
as your hair drapes my back
sending shivers of electric
further on down
with a movement of hips
the dance has begun
and we are now one
hot coals burn in the hearth
and the record needle
plays Marvin on and on
the bed a ocean of discovery
your the liner
I do sail on through this nite
under a blanket of stars
my lights guiding me on home
to rest forever in your heart so
beads glisten upon your body
each one a out pour
of yearning burning want
rising to the motion of body talk
falling to the shooting stars
as they career to earth
in exploding spectacular delight
within and without
I am but draped in this moment
secluded in your arms
like a Angel in safety
murmured words
said in subtle tones
resounding on and on in my ears
tis but then we have become
this need to express show
that we are borne out of love
desire and yearning need
with a soft kiss of utter devotion
to your arms you pull me
as the final moment
comes upon us
and the effects disturb the ether
and settle in minds
to be replayed on and on
laboured breathing
and aching bodies lie
in a tender embrace
and the moment
is all but over
or is it....?

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Bella's Lullaby:


She came that September
in her fine grace of the setting sun
and she smiled
as if I was the only one

Autumn sun touch me now
and hold me close
in your fine embrace
never let me feel
the cold winter breeze
she did leave behind
as I fall like the last leaf

Laid in arms of joy
she kissed me so
and I was but borne again

But now shes no longer here
and I wonder the empty plains so
she did but leave this void
and I'm but restless in this motion

Autumn sun touch me now
and hold me close
in your fine embrace
never let me feel
the cold winter breeze
she did leave behind
as I fall like the last leaf

So give her love and peace I do
but in my arms and hands
I don't feel her no more
and the tears fall roll
down this solemn face
of utter despair

Autumn sun touch me now
and hold me close
in your fine embrace
never let me have to feel
the cold winter breeze
she did leave behind
as I fall like the last leaf

One day someday this will be
all I have ever wanted needed
from all that was you and I
but till then I haven't forgotten
to what it is
to lay but with you
in the September sun....


Monday, 9 March 2009


Touch me with the light
of a thousand memories
shelter me yet guide me still
wrap wings of silk around me so
comfort me with your words
deny me no knowledge
that I am surely due
but take from me all that isnt ment
for my human bound ears
soothe the restless heart
and take away the darkness
that cascades around me so
show me the heavens in your eyes
as I drift lazily across the skies
let me love each and everyone
and hate no man nor women
allow me too see the good in all
but to be aware of all that is wrong
take me places I have never been
and let me reside in places I know
give to me the power of seven
so that I may be enstrengthend
by you and yours
let me weep if I should fall
but dry my eyes and say its ok
and if I should fall far from grace
please be there to catch me so
for free I am
and live I do
as if I were but you


Monday, 2 March 2009

I am:

A place to dwell
to grow tall and strong
to bend in the smallest breeze
and to stand strong against the gales
to bask in sunlight
and smile with the summer glare
to rest out stretched limbs
and know I am touching heaven
solid foundational roots
born of devout belief
that this is my place
to be me
resilient to pest and disease
to breath and purify
to offer shelter to kissing couples
as the rain does fall
to be a secret listener
as children share secrets
never ever to be told
to see such things
as a bird on the wing
to have of a night a place to rest
as they roost on my limbs so
to see stars at night
and the her the moon
watch over me so as I sleep
to fan and cool the parched earth below me
as the rays of light
beat on down this here land
to be singular
but never ever alone
to be at one
with myself and all that is
to seed to sprout
to shed and be reborn
to live
to breath
I will
I am