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Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter Nights:

Winter bound tis I, upon this colden night
my bed borne but of no comfort
vast and wide like that of a ocean
with no person to help me sail in her so
no laughter or warmth of skin
to refresh my tired body
but that of the street light
glowing afar
the white walls playing
  blackened figured shapes upon them so
as if caricatures of a olden time
 no noise do be heard then that
of my beating heart loud and slow
awaiting to be awoken from its steel cage
a key a key oh to be found
but hasten bidding will do no favour
for alone time will tell
if the one shall come to free me
from this prison so as the nite draws in
the moon shines above
slowly I sink away
to the endless possibilities
of a less then ordinary life
without you

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Velvet Nights:

You see them when your out
woken from a bad dream
or simply had to get out
of the very restricting confines
of your self made prison
but do you notice them
take time to really see them
for how they are
the walking wounded
its on every face
on every tree of life
traced in the lines of age
their suffering muted inside
but spilling out 
into their very lives
misfortune their only 
constant familiar companion
as they stroll under the sheets of rain
under dim lit street lights
of the rain soaked nite
on past hobbled hunched men 
of the drink
seeking salvation within its depths
on past those sleeping in doorways
long forgotten and left too cold
past the running waters of the Thames
as it flows and winds away
with their very dreams
lost forever more
no one to hold them 
or keep them safe
the hands that held them
now long gone 
withdrawn into the murky depths
of the blackness of the nite
and whilst it may seem
they cannot will not be reached
have you stopped to notice
and speak to 
the walking wounded
time is nothing to us
to them is but everything
for their time was long taken away
by the very actions
of those who failed to notice
such a long time ago
as they was left to mire
in a world not ours


Friday, 12 November 2010


Do you ever sit and wonder
pause and reflect about the life
you live the breaths you take
do you remember the people you meet
and how they touched your life so
is it inane to hope they will stay
or will they pass you by
like the north wind
travelling its passage
if it rains on you so
does it cleanse you through
making you whole once more
or are you simply sat
cold and distant
for a better time
either way we all must reflect
for to do so 
creates a positive outlook
to the paths ahead
and be it I walk them alone
or with someone
its sure to be
a eventful journey
to embrace it all
and pause every now and then
reflect and enjoy
the moments so
for they are the very make up
of the memories you carry
wether in light
or in darkness
sure footed you must be
to reach the other side
of the glimmering pool
or opulent radiance
that is your life 
echoed in the mind
and ether around you so


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I cant always touch the sky
I seem to fall at my knees
despaired and drained
I try my hardest 
and leap so high
but at some point
I always end up falling down
touching it seems so easy
so able so willing
and yet
it happens not
no matter how I try
but you know its ok
I have no worries no fear
for I have touched it once
or maybe it touched me
and all at once
I was at one
at peace within and without
and so no matter the times
I will keep on trying
for the end
is but the want
to touch the sky


Thursday, 30 September 2010

So High:

Oh how high one can be
when you out stretch your arms
and allow yourself to be
simply lifted on high
after all the aches and pains
tears and misery
you can still soar as if
you where the Eagle on a wing
inside the heart soars
and the mind flies
beyond the day
of all that was has been
awashed in a new unbound
moment of utter freedom
your soul unconnected 
to the ethereal voices
but everything within
as the echoes of eternity
play on within you so
this is the moment of rejoice
maybe even capture
of a mind set so strong
nothing can or will break its bound
like a invisible tie
that wont break
let alone shed
you are but a particle
within the circle 
of this here life
around you so
spread your arms 
raise them so
and know
today has just begun
for you are
the sun
the moon
and the stars
and all that is between
for now and forever more

restless voices
tormented dreams
breaking fibres
human bound

beyond is the freedom
of a soul cleansed
free to breathe
beyond the needs
of a life
less then ordinary


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

H.M.S Alone:

Its been a while since I've been here
mostly been clearing the decks
washing down the sides
dusting the eves
and polishing the rails
I think I am ready to sail again
to cast of from shore
and drift away finally
once an for all

And so I ask this
have you ever wanted something
so bad so much
that saying goodbye
tears the heart in two
letting go for that instant
is like your dying inside
over and over
oh I know she will be back
with me once again
she's not there
in that very instance
when I want to beg
plead on knees
asking for her to not leave
no matter how long or short
the time will be
my tears well inside
close to breaking down
and weeping
the bed seems mighty cold
and so very vast
as if a ocean 
I cannot sail surely
alone in
I need my star to guide me home
to weather my storms
to brace my main
to reach out unto me
pull me close into her world
of utter divinity
so that I can rise strong again
her words still ring in my ears
when my head hits the pillow
and yet reaching out
she is not there
just the cold emptiness
oh God why
if only
there could be but a way
to show her so
that I do need her so very much
and that without her so
I am but another lost vessel
to the vast expanse
ocean that is my mind
each and every nite
when we say goodbye


Saturday, 14 August 2010


Fallen and torn asunder
left alone in this dark place
as one caresses ones own
shredded & torn 
shattered wings
from the flight of flights
crashed and burned
ripped and broken
as one fell
slowly to earth
as if from grace
from the thousand year war
that wages still
above me so
my uttered words fallen
on but many a deaf ear
who wouldn't hear them so
for self gain
personal favour
for the higher echelon
that will be a throne 
or two perhaps
good versus misguided
sides drawn in the clouds
whilst the master
weeps gently in the corner so
friend against friend
brother against brother
in the hope
their save the day
my fight it is not
nor will be
as my outstretched wings
dry in the sun
as if a emerged butterfly
what it is to be but human
are they really worth 
the fight
that rages above
me so


Torn In Two:

If it all breaks down
if it all falls apart
if you split in two
find yourself divided
but unconquered
if you find yourself without
as though there is no air
if you find you are you
but then again
your someone else
if the pieces put back
don't seem to fit
and the pieces not yours
do fit
then indeed this is a mire
a struggle a torment
of how to rebuild
so to take stock
access re-evaluate
look at it wholly
then perhaps singularly
then your know
which is yours
and which surely isn't
and the pieces then will
slot slide into their places
and whole again
your seem to be
but remember 
holding a tight lid
upon it all so
will only cause 
the very overspill
that brought you here
as you clutch at the pieces
around you so
like fragmented moments
as if looking through
a glass tube
on a life not seemingly yours
yet all the while
knowing feeling
that surely it is so


Ty Jody for the pics x

Monday, 9 August 2010


This light your light
our light
my light
the very reason
I have warmth
shining to me constantly
even though rain will fall
and winds will blow
hail may come
and snow may drift
heaven sent your light
to guide me home
unto the being that is you
even in my shattered mind
of indirect thoughts
that hurtle down my corridors
the light pierces the very depths
for darkness has no place
it vanquishes all that lurks
leaving only the scent
of a summers day
drifting through my mind
lay back I do 
in this tenderness
of a
heart felt need
of you
ever constant 
in my stormy weather
showing me the way
soothing the soul 
warming the heart
reducing the ache that is
the life afore me so
I know all I ever need
is the way you smile
upon me so
holding my body close
until there is only


Sunday, 8 August 2010


Lord I really need to talk to you
right now
I hope the sun shines
with a light rain
cos then I know the world
shares my pain
no gain
unless I wake up
with you holding me
close in your arms
tight and safe
for to fail now
to fall
is not a answer
but the fight is
so empower me
guide me
show me
and I will walk
in the hope 
that the end light
is you welcoming me home



Rocks fall but do you hear them
if your not there 
we all need a place 
we go to, to escape
the thoughts and mires
of what life is 
circles and lines
vanish and leave a clarity
one can make a sense of
in a chaotic manner
that encircles the mind
body and soul
to breath freely
without the restrictions
of what is the chaos
of a ever moving life
that often threatens 
to leave you behind
when in the mire
to open arms
and embrace the life
afore us so
good or bad
as long as you pick yourself up
fight the good fight
regardless of the doubts
that linger in the dark
like wolves licking steely teeth
tasting lingering waiting
for the body to fall
this wont be, cant be
for there is so much more
here at this place
I realise I am alive
free to be me
are you


Thank you Falls Rock for the beautiful Pictures.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Weak Within Strength:

Which way do I go
to the left or to the right
either way I go in circles
he said
she said
no he didnt yes she did
oh your confusion
meddles with me so
doors closing
doors opening
trying to run the corridors
of this confused discontent
grasping doors
to close them so
as so the demons wont escape
too late there goes the pre thinker
pre conceiver his friend 
following him so
what if and what maybe
the terrible twins
as they run further through
now the loons run the zoo
and all I can do is sit 
watch and wait
until they sleep
then I shall lock them back up
and return to a state of bliss
where I wont wonder
this way or that way

Forced Retired:

Stormy nights stormy days
cold blank grey canvas
stretched as far as the eye can see
rain drops and wind
hailing soaking 
within me so
old and tired
broken and torn 
and run down
the old pier isn't what she was
holding folks fast
with her stunning beauty
sights and sounds
that drew them 
from afar and near
trams and lines
all leading to her front court
where depart they did
to sounds of awe
her twinkling lights
beacons at night
as waves washed her feet
keeping her clean so
children would run along her boards
and workers polished her beams
a lick of paint after the winter
ready to reveal herself
once more to the public
as if regal in her stand
now these are but memories
as she slowly slips away
into the ocean that held her so
but even in her final throes
beautiful she is
and will be in the minds 
of all that ever walked 
her oak boards
perhaps one day
afore it too late
someone will come
and throw a life line
an save the old girl yet
for in her timbers
there's life yet
and just one more act
she would surely do
just to hear the smiles and woos
of a public less then ordinary