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Friday, 26 February 2010

Perfect Storm:

I am but over washed by this
and you inside and out
this cleansing need to be
pure and sacred for the turning
of a new eventual better day
that will hold me tight
cooling oceans waves
awash the senses of my mind
closed and shattered
by the events of a normality
of a abnormal person
as I turn to face the ever rising current
embracing the sharp coldness
braced against the sudden rush
of being at one
with this life that is mine
upside down and ten feet down
living above the surface of a torrid world
as the waters take me away
settling soothing
all that is my storm
in this here world
of yours


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Breaking The Habit:


Do you come undone by their words
of self need to be something they are not
do you become twisted by self affliction
of tormented belief of what was said
back then in the midst of hurt
when you were and dreams were but borne
did you become lost in the seas of loss
drifting past echoes of those long gone
beyond the lines of distinction
or even clarity
did you raise hands and say no not me
or did you suffer fools gladly
and become the meek 
praying they will pass you by 
left in the corner 
as if no one nothing
your tears a stream the cheeks
but no one noticed you
as slowly you came untied
unhinged within

Oh to be born as a flower 
in the summer sun
to stretch out petals
to the light and warmth
that is devotional
to be sheltered touched fed
and to be to grow in wonderment
as those that see
admire all the beauty
that is surely you

Well we all cant be that we dream of
but we can be a flower
growing in our own garden
of self hope and belief
and those that stop to listen
hear our very voices
are those that care about you
for being you
without expectation demand
this is your garden




These scorched hands raised on high
asking begging as to why
I chased the sun and all
for you to be free
I fought the demons till they dropped
darkness prevailed beyond
the eternal light 
that is but you 
but still to my knees I dropped
I tried to be the saviour
the rescuer for your salvation
but I'm still on my knees
this fight this moment
Bourne of hurt and pain
rolled into a dagger of justice
carved by the flames of hatred
stabbed into the heart of the beast
that dared linger to close
screams of torments 
as the souls of those taken
clutch to their host tighter
this is all we know
and yet in the pale morning light
there is nothing
but the echo of my sobs
what was will be
and I am left but even more confused

Friday, 5 February 2010


The life I am before you so 
a beating stirring eon of energy
that will burst forth in a blazing light
burning through the night skies
as if a neon blur of dreams
in your solitude of sleep
cascading on by the emptiness
stillness that is but a velvet curtain
of darkness 
lit only by the glow of me
together we will grow
life will hence spring forth
and to me your look 
your ask me to watch over you so 
to protect all you love care for
and wishes will be a thousand million
clutched to my heart
heard with the ears of all those
before me and after me
my light will guide you home
from shores afar
and my glow will light the smiles
of those that gaze from afar
unto me in my night sky
and though tomorrow
I will be but gone from this here place
my light will never wavier
for this is birth life and death
wrapped up in a ball of energy
only to dispel to the solar winds
were the voices of eternity
echo for always




Oh too have risen this very morn
too have seen the dawn
of this tomorrow
watching as the gold hues 
set about flames of beckoning
unto the day that will be
all that you make it so
to walk the steps you must
as you achieve the goals 
set before you by you
for you
knowing all affinity and eternity 
is but surely
laid out before you so 
in a path of opulent light
held tight by a blanket
of woven dreams
this is your moment
your day
your life