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Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Voices rage inside the head
and mist fills the swollen eyes
bubbling coursing blood
pushes through constricted veins
tightened by the anxiety within
cloudy days and rainy moments
drown out the sun filled glory's
tis not a day I wish to live
but feel so trapped within it so
turning away to the bleakness
that rings inside the echoed halls
of a empty mind
thoughts crash and career
colliding with the eon sparks
that resound around
glass eyes of defence
this has not been nor will it ever be
a normal residing day or normality
within the occupied mind
taken hostage by a thousand thoughts
that hold me at pin point
waiting for me to surrender
to their will and way
but bow I wont
retreat I shan't
this is my stand defiant and tall
make your murmurs
whisper your lies
feel at ease and speak as you do
whilst I stand here watching you go by
with a head thrown back
and a glance to the skies
hear me now


Friday, 20 February 2009

Season Without:

This coldness this delude of nothing
raindrops merge with tears
creating self unreliant visions
did you hear it as it screamed
did you not see the lines
of frustrational begging
so why is it so
why bend and weaken
to anothers will
through the tortured experience
of self loathing undesire
despair in the pity
that resounds in the echo
of the deftly silent nite
words spoken lost in translation
being that its said by another
and not ever me
second to the choice
first to feel the pierced heart
that is slowly dying inside
wanton need not enough
to make see the sunlight
that could be beyond the rain
that runs away with my dreams
of all that was
and all that could ever be
the mirad of eternal loneliness
wraps around me
as if a shroud for my own tomb
and there I will lay
as if forgotten
or forsaken
by the way of the summer
long gone
and but left me
with this cruel winter

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

But You:

This heart... this body
oh this soul this mind
how it resounds with you
your touch your words
cascading on down me
like that of a waterful
washing over me
cooling my senses within
oh how I long for that moment
when we will lay with angels
and sleep the night skies
blessed be by stars on high
longing for the day break
to rise and see such a smile
akin to the beauty I have never seen
within me or the world
beyond this life I know
candles burn leaving flickering
images of afore
when the bodies of you and I
were but covered in beads
of desired gliss
led we were in each others arms
toing and froing
in this but emperic bed
my Princess you are
and my Queen you will but be
now and forever more
remembering but one word

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Darkness hollow inside
a world of your own
left to mire by the flame
thoughts crashing to and fro
confusion within surely so
and without that warmth
of need and expectation
single steps alone
back and forth
in a worn travelled mind
a machine you have become
automated you are
running on empty
as you slip deeper away
rivers deep washeth over you so
let the cool waters sooth you
and to the light when rested
you will surely step
tis not what you know or think you know
but what you believe
in you and those around you
strength comes from those
determined with hands out stretched
seize them so and hold fast
battle the wind and rain
for this is but a storm
in ones hollowed out mind
full sails to the wind
and turn about course
run the length and breadth of this so
and in time your see
the rain will turn away
leave you so
and sunny days but become
now your constant companion
for every smile every word
spoken with love
is but the solace and comfort
of the human heart

Faith my friend
hands outstretched

Hold On:

Though I may walk in the valley of darkness and I may be frail and weak mired and torn, and though it rains on me so and chills are within, though tears will fall and weak I surely be, there is a constant light that shines on me so, without this I know slip and stumble I surely would, your love your protection will guide me en strengthen me to go on and see sunny days once again.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A View:

Tis but a new moment
and the wind does blow
the hills roll on by
and the cow lowls in the field
tis but a passing storm
and the rain crashes against my window pane
sliding down to converge
with the puddle below
the joy of here
the view of now
forever more
my eternal moment
this is Gods land
and the beauty given
is the joy shared
inspiration touches me so
and flows through
like the water in the tap
to create
to think and make
to share and give
unto you
my little corner of the world
the trees bend
in the passing winds
as if waving their welcome
unto me
i can but smile
at this sight
that now im home
peaceful and settled
rested and strong
ready for the dawning
of a new day
in my little corner
of the world.

Fury Within:

Darkness prevails
misery awaits
these screaming voices
of the demons
rushing through the corridors
of my imprisonment
scorching my flesh
with their eternal flames
mimicking my screams
their faces
twisted in my self torture
fingers spiney spindles
grip my wrists
and ankles
slow but surely they drag me down deeper
the walls of hate build ever closer
and all the while
the raven sits and watches on
his eyes peering with a known glaze
mock me scorn me i cry
he replies dont think god is here
this is and always will be
the hell you created
plead all you want
cry all you can
the reapers will feed ever more
my head bounces across the skulls of the fallen
the sockets of their eyes
black and hallow
their souls rushing to and thro
whilst impish creatures
trap them in jars
the flames rise higher
and the screams become ever closer
pitiful wails
tearful sobs
this is and always will be
your hell they cry....


Sleep Now:

A poem for my passed grandfather.
Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008

In Memory Of Mr Frank Duke

~The Life I Have Lived~

But man and boy I have been
walked and crawled this vast land you see
my bare hands have clutched the soil
and held it tight and fast
whilst a summers sun shone her beauty
down upon me so
and warmed my but cold frail hands
I have seen rain fall upon
the furrows I have made
and watched in the turning months
life burst forth from deep within
I have listened to hallowed sonnets
and heard such beautiful notes
as if uttered by Queens and Kings
as majestic flower heads swayed
in a summers mid evening breeze
I have seen despair and crys of need
And I have carried dreams of those lost
only to lose them myself once more
but only to find them growing for me
in my garden of pure and utter hope
so to you I leave such wonderment and beauty
my garden of wishes
my field of dreams
in the blessing that you will give your love
as I surely have
and in return you will
receive but my undying love....


A poem for today:

From the first moment I breathed my first
to the moment I opened my eyes
I realised this world would be for me
the greatest challenge to ever under take
all its knocks all its charms laid afore me
people coming and going as I grew
some staying for quite a long time
some leaving just as quick as they come
each leaving their own foot print in my mind
sitting here I look back and see all that has been
and all that could still be
knowing inside memorys are shut away
like a collection of toys or dolls
of moments that either create supreme joy
or some that create pure sadness
choosing which to hone and reflect on
allow me to grow in the knowledge
that whilst most will touch me and show me
some will hurt me seek to destroy me
but this wont ever stop me from trying
opening up myself to others
so that I may experience life
to its fullest always.

To Smile:

When a day is but a good day

From the moment I awaken

to the moment I see the sun shining on me so

I smile and embrace the day

and all it will offer me so

no rain cloud nor rain drop

will darken my horizon

nor dampen my soul

for today like all days

is another day

spent basking

in the beauty of the summer sun.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


Tell me what is it you see
when you look at me
do you see but a old man
diminished and finished
life given taken
but now at the end
do you see my lines
traced on my face so
as if rerun train tracks
do you see the aged marks of time
spread about my leather skin
toughened by winds and rains
of many a year
do you notice my grey hairs
whispered white of a ghosts touch
my frail bones tired and aching
my curled hands that no matter the warmth
brings no relief
my sudden droops of eyes
and my need to sleep often
is this how you see me
incapable needy and a strain
led in abed sat upon a rocker chair
am I beyond the resources of the young
am I no help to those that walk
with a spring in their step
am I but now served my purpose
and now just surplus to requirements
a home you wish to place
forget me so
leave me be to wallow
in a personal rotting jail
a hospital bed you would leave me so
left to the worlds young
who have no time for a old man
and his stories that are etched
upon my frailed lined face
for if this is what you see of me
think you know of me
and all that is my life
lest you should remember
one day your be like me
alive with a thousand million memories
active with a trillion thoughts
and comfortable in reaching a time
and solemn place
were I am at rest with one and the world so
ready if it dictates to pass on
to the other side of life
until then let me sit and ruminate
as you go hurtling on in your life's
and know this
one day
your be old
and people will think as you do
of but me


This land this soil
is ours
though it be blood red
deep and russet so
and though the blood has been spilt
and its been reaped and raped
taken by force and stolen
all that was ours
we hold our head high
this land this place
is ours and only ever ours
and though I maybe but
a feather on the wind
blowing here and there
I am someone somebody
who lives and breathes
for his lands for his freedom
suppression without
pillage lost and forsaken
mines robbed of all that glittered
and farmsteads stolen
given to the white man so
this is my land your land
our land
this beating heart this vast place
where the sun rises and sets
to meet the lands before it
it is but one beat
one single eon of life
that courses through all Afrikaans
as we grow and learn
to touch and reach for the heavens so
forgetting all that has been
and only feeling the peace
that must and will come
but not to forget those
that fell upon this so land
and bled and fed
the soil so
to give others a life
were no more tears fall
and another child
doesn't take a gun so
and kill without discrimination
so that they maybe but simply children
and the lands are filled but once again
with the laughter of all
as animals freely roam
and the cats stalk
and the elephants doze
and the giraffes reach
on high for the leafs of trees
and the man and woman and child
live as one
were black and white become but united
and the past is led to rest
remember this soil
this land
you walk upon
is but Africa
Our Land