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Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter Nights:

Winter bound tis I, upon this colden night
my bed borne but of no comfort
vast and wide like that of a ocean
with no person to help me sail in her so
no laughter or warmth of skin
to refresh my tired body
but that of the street light
glowing afar
the white walls playing
  blackened figured shapes upon them so
as if caricatures of a olden time
 no noise do be heard then that
of my beating heart loud and slow
awaiting to be awoken from its steel cage
a key a key oh to be found
but hasten bidding will do no favour
for alone time will tell
if the one shall come to free me
from this prison so as the nite draws in
the moon shines above
slowly I sink away
to the endless possibilities
of a less then ordinary life
without you

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Velvet Nights:

You see them when your out
woken from a bad dream
or simply had to get out
of the very restricting confines
of your self made prison
but do you notice them
take time to really see them
for how they are
the walking wounded
its on every face
on every tree of life
traced in the lines of age
their suffering muted inside
but spilling out 
into their very lives
misfortune their only 
constant familiar companion
as they stroll under the sheets of rain
under dim lit street lights
of the rain soaked nite
on past hobbled hunched men 
of the drink
seeking salvation within its depths
on past those sleeping in doorways
long forgotten and left too cold
past the running waters of the Thames
as it flows and winds away
with their very dreams
lost forever more
no one to hold them 
or keep them safe
the hands that held them
now long gone 
withdrawn into the murky depths
of the blackness of the nite
and whilst it may seem
they cannot will not be reached
have you stopped to notice
and speak to 
the walking wounded
time is nothing to us
to them is but everything
for their time was long taken away
by the very actions
of those who failed to notice
such a long time ago
as they was left to mire
in a world not ours


Friday, 12 November 2010


Do you ever sit and wonder
pause and reflect about the life
you live the breaths you take
do you remember the people you meet
and how they touched your life so
is it inane to hope they will stay
or will they pass you by
like the north wind
travelling its passage
if it rains on you so
does it cleanse you through
making you whole once more
or are you simply sat
cold and distant
for a better time
either way we all must reflect
for to do so 
creates a positive outlook
to the paths ahead
and be it I walk them alone
or with someone
its sure to be
a eventful journey
to embrace it all
and pause every now and then
reflect and enjoy
the moments so
for they are the very make up
of the memories you carry
wether in light
or in darkness
sure footed you must be
to reach the other side
of the glimmering pool
or opulent radiance
that is your life 
echoed in the mind
and ether around you so


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I cant always touch the sky
I seem to fall at my knees
despaired and drained
I try my hardest 
and leap so high
but at some point
I always end up falling down
touching it seems so easy
so able so willing
and yet
it happens not
no matter how I try
but you know its ok
I have no worries no fear
for I have touched it once
or maybe it touched me
and all at once
I was at one
at peace within and without
and so no matter the times
I will keep on trying
for the end
is but the want
to touch the sky