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Sunday, 25 April 2010


Man and boy I have tended this land
wept when it was barren and bare
cheered when it was ripe and giving
walked corner to corner
and gazed upon furrows long
Ive harvested in sun golden and pure
toiled in cold sleet and rain
without beg or demand
then that given
I'am but a simple man making his means
asking for nothing 
that cannot be gained by hand alone
led my steers to plough on
awaiting the planting season
with great expectation
when the river ran dry
or the rain fell to hard
I picked myself up 
and dusted myself down
fought the odds 
held the tears
but bled into this soil
clutching the leather reins so tight
to make it another day
were I my family lived 
in Gods free land
and yet lurking was the farmers friend
awaiting to foreclose
whilst smiling all the while
diversify change the way you work
hire this buy that
whilst plunging debt upon them all
back then the banker was the farmers friend
but now he preys like the crow on the wing
for the showing of that first corn ear
to be fat and fed
upon my hard work and toil
things have changed and no more our say
but none the less through it all
we have each and everyday
our own slice of heaven
and the pride of knowing
we grow for us
not for you


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Drapped In You:

Held fast in my arms
our lips pressed as one
the touch of skin on skin
as the flames roar behind us 
embers glow lighting the passion in your eyes
I crave for you too see 
this moment was for you
stare through my opaque walls
and look beyond sinuous and tissue
knowing this beating world
is for you
sliding my hands up and around 
your naked shoulders
laying you back and trailing my lips
down your neck to your chest
hearing you gasp 
as I slide further down
your body a sense of electric
urging me on as your flesh responds 
to the minute touches of ecstasy
in this moment and for always
you are mine and I am yours
candles flickering
making shadows on the walls
as we rise and fall as one
your moans driving me deeper
to find the core of what is you
voices unspoken
words unsaid
just eyes on eyes
speaking the language of the things
for so long both of us
wanted always to say
beads of sweat trickle down our bodies
as if crystal drops
adding to the senses and smells
of our love making
as outside the wind blows
and the rain falls
whilst the moon peers her light
through the curtains ajar
as we fall to the floor
wrapped in sheets of white
holding each other close
as shooting stars fly past
with each others dreams and wishes
for another tomorrow



Oh to feel the sun on ones face
the gentle warmth caressing the soul
shining its way deep inside
as if a firm fire in the stove
to walk under trees of shade
as the light plays its games
making the kind of shadows
only seen by candle lite 
on walls of night time
to turn and turn
held in this moment
to lazily drift away to places on high
and here the summer birds sonnets
as they sing their chorus
as if to announce your arrival
to dip hands in cool waters
as you float on down stream
under willow trees
as they part their limbs 
to allow you by
to close your eyes and forget
all that is for that instance
and be a part of a beating world
that lives inside
and outside 
of the very essence that is you
to smile and laugh
to hear the sounds of nature
as it lives and breathes
flowers a bloom
colours regal
fit for king or queen
smiling and bowing
as you walk past them so
this is the beauty of life
wrapped up in a single
quality street yellow wrapper
filled with the rapture and joy
you surely deserve so


Sunday, 18 April 2010


What is but this thing
that I hold so precious
that allows me to see
all that is
for there in
lies the beauty
of it all
everything I touch
all that I feel
that I desire
want and need
in this here world
all that resides
and yet seems
to just pass me by
here today
gone tomorrow
leaving me with a sense
of welcome and hope
an utter glory
filling my mind body and soul
faith and belief
clutched tightly to my heart
for there is always
the promise
of another tomorrow


Thursday, 8 April 2010


Oh green seas of grass
rolling on through the mind
filling my eyes with the rise and fall
light dances upon your surface
shades a many here and there
a walk one will take
to the top of the lines
were a view down or across
reveals the bigger picture
of a opulent summers day
nothing but blue skies
surely shining on me
laughter and joy faintly caught
on a breeze so
walkers walking far and wide
exploring the hidden depths
of this here world
larks on the wing
trilling their sweet summers song
the uplifting breeze
gently sways the hair
of the girl whose hand you hold
as you stand and gaze
oh in this moment
I can reach out and touch heaven
I am part of God 
and he is part of me
as we surely stand
under the mighty majestic oak
a carpet of bluebells spreads a through
the cooling glade
were one can rest awhile
and pause the still life
that is this wonderful view
shared by you
with me



Birthdays come and go
all in the blink of a eye
years passed minds aged
along with bodies
and yet
memories afore refreshed of now
a time to pause to reflect
to accept realise 
that though perhaps
slightly more seasoned
we are but so much wiser
an have touched the skies
and flown as if birds 
nay a eagle on the wing
we have crashed into oceans
drowned and wept in despair
but always surfaced
to face another day
people changed left and joined
and left us so much more
richer stronger
in the promise of a better moment
soon to come as we turn older
wisdom an fortitude
a constant reminder
of the love we have
within us all
given freely regardless
of age looks lines 
wrapped up in a silk bow
with as many a candles 
as needed required to mark
the day you came to be
all and everything
to those who love you so 

Happy Birthday