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Wednesday, 23 December 2009


A million and one guises I've have been
fallen and settled amongst you so
withered and shrunk
washed away with the sun rays
only to return another day
as a different design
beauty I am wonderment I cause
as you watch me drift slowly
down to earth
from the heavens above
on a cold winters day
or night
covering the your world
in a utter white blanket
snow men your make
round and tall
short and thin
as we bind each other within
roll us you will in warm palms
only to be burst apart
as if confetti at a wedding
to the ground we will but fall
to be trodden and squashed 
waiting for the next warm hand
some of us will surely melt 
into puddles of water
that reflect a purity
not seen before
in this life of yours
dreams we hold
dreams we bring
all on a Christmas day


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Remember The Time:

A shining light in the darkness
things said done by others
perhaps envious nay jealous
of a unmistakable talent
that shook this world
to its very core
remembering the time
when you was I was bad
perceptions shaken
beliefs often mistaken
by those ignorant 
to the fact
genius you was 
dance a dance 
and show me the way to go
for the way you made me feel
I couldn't ever stop loving you
times shared moments given
by you to us
in devout faith
of the belief of a better day
when all along
it was so clear
they didn't care about us
ghosts let loose
in this mix of delight
sadness and joy
brought forward
in but a eternal voice
of everybody
at this here heartbreak hotel
the torture was worth the wait
of one more chance
whilst they tripped on you

God Bless

Sleep now


Yule Tide:

Christmas time 
holly and ivy
kids glee and eyes shining
presents and gifts seen
wanted by all 
wish upon a star or two
in the hope 
your receive
as well to give to see the smiles
things to deliver 
cards to post
to loved ones far away
thoughts of those gone
remembered on 
a drink or two
sing a song 
and rejoice at all
fires crackling
stockings hung on the mantle so
waiting in eagerness
for the brimming of surprises
satsumas and nuts
shared out in joyful return
as grandad sips his malt
the old folk speak 
of a past time
when children didn't have much
and men had no work
and the children laugh
and smile
at such stories
hopefully the snow will fall
and we will gather
a snowman or too
snowball fights
and sledging too
in the kitchen warm and smelling
of fruits and delights
as Mum And Dad prepare
the fine feast
that is Christmas dinner
sit we will 
and a cracker where pull
jokes spoken 
and the wine poured
dinner bursting the belly so
as Mum pours brandy
upon the Christmas pudding
the delights of the blue flame
as nostrils fill
with the heavenly scents
of this Christmas time
as one we are
and as one we will be
sharing rejoicing
and remembering those
alone this year
for us to enjoy
Yule Tide

Merry Christmas


Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Vision Of You:

Oh too see but the grace of you
feeling you in outstretched arms
held safe and secure
in the depths of you
the beating heart of need
love and want
guiding me on home
to all that is you
slow intricate whispers
passed on down
telling me you care
saying that you are
but the only one 
laid upon the bed so
as stars fall from the nite sky
to kiss the black velvet
that is the moons very own 
personal playground
silence adorns the bespoken
and slowly I drift away
until there is only
the feel and smell of but you
lifting my senses 
soothing this soul
at one
forever more


Saturday, 5 December 2009


Time is like a clock in my heart
it never stops ticking
doesn't slow doesn't pause
just keeps on winding down
the minutes the hours
days and weeks
months and years 
until there is only the silence
for now the clock turns 
its hands reaching
for those lost moments 
gone to where ever it is
time surely goes
maybe to the wind 
or even the heavens
were its stored and saved 
for another moment
to be shared perhaps
by someone else
in another time another place
time is always eternal
and will always be
constituently turning without that pause
until there is only time left
escape you may try
run you surely will
but far you wont reach
afore the time concludes
and your left with nothing
but the hollowness
of the empty heart
long run out and long vacated
left standing but alone 
so for now as the time goes by
the seconds I do grab and surely hold
the minutes I use to find
all I need and want
to wile away the hours
for living is free
and surely enjoying
never aware that behind the doors
time slowly slips on by


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Midest The Brain:

Moments of momentary looseness
seem to be more often
then not before
grey mists circulate the mind
often hiding doors 
to which more then not
I once knew laid beyond
and so had no need to visit
let alone open
swirling cries of confusion
haunt the corridors
leaving me beside myself
asking if I am in fact me
let alone Angelus
colours distort twisting
as if a broken mirror
unable to reflect back
the true image of what I am
or even who I am
a sense of lost prevails
and words said
mean not what they are
lines spoken unto me
lost in the eons of nothing
as one struggles to make sense
of all that is will be should be
simply can be
for each day is but a fight
to the finish line
when the head hits the pillow
and I don't have to think 
why do this
for why to keep on fighting
to ache to feel starved
of life's luxerys
I ask this often I beg often
to understand to find a reason
and beyond me beyond this
is a life that is less then ordinary
and though constraints tie me bound
I am but me living in a broken shell
who can and will smile
that will not be devout of strength
faithfulness and belief
and the hope and promise
that there is always tomorrow

Right ?