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Friday, 28 May 2010


Light my power 
my ever lasting
shining beacon 
that shines its way
unto and through
my darkest edges of my universe
occupying the corners
of hidden moments
where what was forgotten
is now reminded remembered
warming my soul my body
lighting the fire that is
my fuel to burn
to face fight another day
and though the rain may fall
and the clouds may come
light is but my companion
on my journey forward
unto this winding road
to the ever lasting light
of a thousand million colours
that will drape my soul
as if a personal coat
made for me in all the hues
of a ever lasting beauty
that is my life
spread my wings I will
and fly I shall
unto the heavens I touch
where bathed in light eternal
I shall surely be
with but you


Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Resounding echoes of a fore lorn touch
crashing through distant corridors
heart felt needs and wants
of a burning desire
to kiss your lips a thousand times
and know they are
as much yours as they are mine
feeling the body be as it is
a burning pyre
my beacon in the night sky
leading me home
to where once again
love heals the distant memories
of a pain long ago
felt as dull as that of a old razor
this is now
and that was then
and scars become veins
bringing fresh blood supply
oxygenating this here body
allowing me to breath
freely once again
in the belief of yet and always
a eternity of your love
keeping me grounded
safe and sound within


Monday, 24 May 2010


I've not for a long time now
sat and heard the first songs
of the summer sonnets
from our many feathered friends
this morning at 4 am
it begun with the opening notes
of the cuckoo 
singing his way through the trees
then all at once 
as if conducted maybe by the trees
the bird song of summer began
all the notes though seemingly 
but a messy noise
came together as if a chorus
each bird singing his/her notes
in time to the others
the sun began to rise
from a dim light
to a bright hue of blue
the sound of music filling the early morn
oh what a start to a beautiful day


Friday, 21 May 2010

Eyes Open:

Today I awoke to blue skies 
and drifting marshmellow clouds 
and there on high 
a bright sun smiling
feeling its warmth upon me
the minute I set foot into the garden
its light shining down
lighting every corner
as flowers raised their proud heads
in utter glory
colours as if a Monet painting
from the daisy's to the pansy's
weeping willows stretching 
their tired winter limbs
as if to clutch the very rays
as birds sit in trees singing
of the glory that is the summer 
to surely come
my cats laze around 
partaking in any item 
that will serve as if
a personal sun chair
creatures scurry about their lives
and a slight breeze blows about me
as if a thousand million kisses
touching my senses
and all at once I feel alive
a smile so radiant
creeps across my face
to join the light that is the sun
and I am but one
in my own paradise


Monday, 17 May 2010


Run and let empty
to waste away drain afar
to places not seen
let alone touched
vacated and listless
as if I was mere droplets
of encapsulated broken dreams
feelings muted beyond the depths
the ripples the after effects
of what has been
between us so
and yet if you was to touch me so
alive id be 
stuck to your hand
as if a drop of hope
but lay here in the sun 
I surely will
until I am but all dried up
in the hope the rain will come
and replenish my levels again
for then I am whole
and back I can come
as the beholder
of unspoken
hidden wishes wants
and needs
of a thousand people


Friday, 14 May 2010


They say lightening never strikes twice
but how little they know
then its fingers reach inside your soul
touching pulling stretching
every fibre that is surely you
tearing at the very heart
of all that is you
a journey of self discovery
as if awoken
disturbed from some darkened slumber
only to find the nightmare still exists
to beg to scream
shout and holler
but to no avail 
does anyone one
let alone yourself 
turning away in shame
tears falling slowly 
you have come full circle
once again
and you have yet to know
just who you are
but deep inside shines 
a golden light
so very dim so very faint
the burning flame 
is the very core of you
and though a stranger
through this change
emerge a butterfly you will
bright and radiant in all your colours
for everyone to see
let alone you

Monday, 10 May 2010


I got to thinking about 
people & life
 and the things they do
 as a preoccupation
 and come to the conclusion 
that too many 
so many people 
take for granted what it is they have
 and how they seek 
to build a artificial life
 in order to escape the pressures 
they in fact made themselves 
by their very own actions
 and so then I looked to the precursors 

that are involved
 and most people will claim money 
even circumstance
or even a certain.. rut 
or even a staleness
 but the biggest precursor 
in fact I think 
always ignored
 is social control
and how it relates to the control of the media 
and the buying of worldly goods 
becoming more 
then the real ideology 
of how life should be in fact lived.
but the sad fact is
 that people mill around 
like rats in a maze
 and what do they have
 but a remote control 
to fast forward rewind 
the life they wish they had
that they see on a tv screen
or a song 
they hear on a stereo
whilst all the while
this is the life they want


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Post Script::

Around 11am it came
we didn't hear the whistle
but we felt the bang
as it exploded a mile away
we were a few hours before 
all sleeping safe in our beds
the house is no more
and mothers kneel in streets
clutching bodies of children
to their burnt clothing
wailing screaming
fires rage and the skies dark
as if the sunlight was extinguished
there is a ashen look to the people
as they rush back and forth
as if ghosts and dead already
sirens wail
but unable to reach the masses
debris and rubble block the paths
phone lines cut torn
hanging down
like snapped veins
and the street gutters run
with the blood of those injured
or even dead
trees stripped of their leaves and branches
walls of houses crumbling
roofs missing
as if a sun roof on a car
panic stricken fathers calling for their wives
begging for their children
but no one answers
electric fallen
hospitals still standing
run on emergency power
but are over whelmed
fireman scramble around in the piles of bricks
as hands out stretch 
begging to be saved 
from the suffocation
people ask why
beg for answers
but no news comes
and they are left alone
to wonder slowly
through broken streets
on glass panels
shattered along with everyone's dream



Your arm yourself with the power 
of utter destruction
knowing at your finger tips
you can destroy all and everything
using swaying the argument
pushing cajoling laughing
as you threaten in your way
who do you think you are protecting
guiding saving
will you not kill your own
as you fight back in anger
would you lay destruction at the feet
of the masses
look on as if nothing
as a million people pass
everyday being like sunday
grey and lonely
your thoughts on that 
sometimes your better of
when there's a gun against your head
forgets the art of conversation
no choices no speak
which will you choose
a hard or soft option
as the button is pressed
and the world screams out


She burns the night
with the passion of a thousand eyes
consuming all in her path
her flames searing scorching the flesh
of anything that gets in her way
the hot breath of desire and need
torching the way
through the darkness
that's in front and behind of her so
her path lit by the screams
of those left by the way side
as she consumes
eats her way forward
never stopping always moving
her wake of destruction
testament to her power
a kiss of her lips leaves you 
gasping for air
as her fiery fingers cling to you
pulling you into her
sucking drawing from you
the life that is the air you breath
the night skies lit
by out stretching tails
of crackling flames
as she sails on 
through you to the next victim
that is her need
her want
to be alive


Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Did you ever stop to listen
to your heart as it beats
resounding out its drumming
constantly on time
without failure
through thick and thin
through fear an hate
it doth not skip a beat 
love strikes your eyes
and all at once the heart
takes on a new beat
a different sound
it becomes settled 
comforted by a need desire
that makes you crave so
for that moment
of those three words
and whilst time ticks
slowly or fast
is of no matter
we all feel that sweet sudden
as one sinks slowly downwards
into the heavens of utterness
we are all but complete
and if you listen closely
as you lay in the night hours
I'm sure your hear
the sound of your lover's name
as it speaks its tune
unto your soul
loving is the final chapter
in a new book
that writes itself
in but your lovers eyes
each time they look 
upon you
so treasure it well
and keep it safe
for though a machine for the body
for the lover you love so
its surely made of glass
so with velvet gloves hold it tight
but not too tight as so it may break
for all your have
is the broken remains
of shattered wishes
hopes and dreams



Awaken rise to the sun shining
another day has come
and whilst many have been 
not without there hardships
we can begin again
find the inner strength to fight
to breathe the air
that will surely replenish the lungs
as the blood coarse's
around the body so
pushing the engine into over drive
as we seek this days bounty
a tear may fall
the body may shudder
and frustration anger 
or even hurt
may rear their ugly heads
pain may strike
hurting oneself deep inside
questions may not be answered
or even faced
we might cry out and beg no more
or simply hide away
in the hope of another 
better simpler tomorrow
but lest we shall forget
in the grand scheme of things
we are but human
and to feel is to live
and to live 
is to be


P.s Horace: Seize The Day

Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Tale Of Age 4:

With God Queen and country at my side
I struck the first blow
he blocked and struck back
his mighty heavy sword swinging
catching my shoulder
my breath hard to pull 
into my already tired lungs
he still kept coming
like that of a bull enraged
the fire in his eyes burnt strongly
his armour clouded by the mud and blood
of the bitter battle afore
my sword I did swing at his midriff
but glancing only the metal armour
his laughter echoed through my mind
as his sword struck my side
cleaving me open
the warm blood warming my leg
thinking it was my last
as he stood ready sword raised
to strike his final blow
my final acrument was to strike up
towards the gap in his chest plate
the sword struck home
and his face turned from glee
to fear and horror
his knees he did fall
and to the heavens he looked
uttering in his tongue
his final prayer
afore me he fell and at once a horn sounded
the battle had ended
the war won
and the attackers driven back
we had protected preserved 
this great land
and I though wounded
had served my Queen
though like my counter part
to have died there
would have been
just as honourable
as he surely was
brave to the end


we live in a free world
we have a freedom to express
speak and utter
we have fought for this / these land/s
and many have bled and died
did we do we forget


A Tale Of Age 3:

The day of war broke tensions had risen
my aide did come with scroll of intention
my steed set ready
an my men armed
and in the Queens name 
we did march and ride
archers and swordsmen
brave fine men
ready to die for that
we had preserved for so long
upon the battle field 
stood a thousand army strong
war cries they uttered
defiant they stood waiting
all at once the cry was given
and the colours raised
as we surged ahead
the battle raged for three days
we trampled dead bodies 
as the dying cried out
but still we waged 
raged on
pushing back the attackers
seeking to steal our rights
to a free land
at the final point
stood him and I
already dislodged from our steeds 
by archers afar
his eyes on mine
mine on his
both accessing the fear
and the moment we both knew
when the blows would come
bringing about the death
of one or the other
or even both