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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


As you pass them by
do you not see their outstretched limbs
beckoning unto you
this way or that way
which way will you go
what path will you take 
hark the whispers of them so
how they discuss talk amongst themselves
do you not hear the mirth
or even the mire
of perhaps the glad 
and even misfortunate
many a year has passed them so
and yet still you walk amongst them
without ever realising
or knowing how long they have stood
as guards protecting the land
they stand amongst
so mighty, proud and tall
the journey always the same
the message always the same
which way will you go
what path will you take
will you seek to silence their whispers
or stop and take note
of a hundred year old message
that speaks unto you
and whilst seeming to be but the wind
nay even a light breeze
rustling the branches and leaves
it is but the words of the wise
here we have stood
all we have seen
whom do you trust
whom do you believe
which path will you take
which way will you go
as you pass us by
be it through ignorance
or perhaps simple blindness
sometimes they slip past
without ever knowing
or hearing
the messages of the wise
and yet oh so ancient
which way will you choose


Sunday, 20 June 2010


hands held in a tight clasp
a circle of trust 
bound by a higher belief
thoughts conceived shared
given freely without judgement
when one is weak
the others hold fast
taking the strain amongst them so
sharing all the highs and lows
smiling at the sun as one
sheltering from the rain
as a collective so
moving in a fluid motion
to reach the never ending passages
that come along this here moment
to breathe as one
to live speak utter to know
and to take each reflection
and see all sides
of the many facets
that maybe of another's
to lay and sleep safe
shrouded in arms of love
to be free within that
and soar
as if the eagle on the wing
to grow mighty and tall
as if the oak in the field
to bend and sway
flexible like that of bamboo
in the the strongest of winds
to give to receive to heal
to be but us
and know
is the driving force
of all we do
until the chosen time
when we become beyond
the clasps of time
and need 
of this here plain


Expressional Thought Of Now:

A lark is a lark is sure a lark
a song is a song a note sung
a moment is a moment a flicker of time
words are a word as are a line
skies are but skies as is a horizon
a fire is a fire as is a pyre
love is but love as is a heart
eyes are but eyes as is to see
flight is a flight as is a bird
rain is but rain is as a tear drop
giving is but to give but is to receive
to want is to need but is to provide
desire is but to crave but is to worship
divine is to walk on water as is to be upheld
to fly high is but to soar as is to be free
to know is but to hear is but to think freely
to hold is but to comfort is to be complete
and to touch is but to feel as is to love
for to be is but to live as is to breathe
as if connected as to be within but to be one
as if to fly on high as is a plane as but is the lark


Sunday, 13 June 2010


When its dark and gloomy
and your heart feels sad
if tears feel like
they will surely fall
and you want to
but scream and shout
if anger hits and wages war
within your mind
and the body tenses
and causes aches
if you feel like just giving up
or have no faith
in just waking up
all I ask is you reach out
and feel my hand
take it so to yours
clutch it tightly
and let me lead you
into the sunshine
where thoughts will fade away
surely so
and the rays of the sun will bathe you
to the forest we will go
and laze upon the mighty oak
no talking no words uttered
just the serene peace
of our breathing
as tensions pour away
and your mind clears
your see the dark clouds
change to blue skies
and look to me
see my eyes
and know for you
I will never let go
Love you I do 
with all my heart
and always we will
never be apart
your counsel I will try to be
your guide and strength
in the midst of your storms
as if your coast guard
until you can surely sail
the seven blue seas
once again
freely as you
smile my love
laugh my dear
cheer my darling
for this is but just another day
of overcast weather
which will break
and surely so
the sun will begin to shine
once again
as we walk hand in hand


<3 G.R.P.S <3

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Subdued and forlorn
tired and weary
I stumble through the night
lost inside the devil 
and his mired thoughts
wishing wanting to rest
nay close my eyes and sleep
and not awaken
to another million years
of living like this
I fall upon a place
naked to the eye
distant to the mind
sleep slumber comes slowly
as strange noises echoes
resound all around me
whispers and chortles
of voices and laughter
my heavy eyes allow me
no more concious state
and slowly I drift away and off
I awaken to a floating sensation
as I open my eyes
I see a thousand million sparks
as if I was in the middle of a atom
rest now they speak
here your find restoration
faith and belief
in the journey ahead
I give way to my unenforced captors
as they lead me to a dell
there stands the mighty oaks
whose leaves fan my heated body
fairy's flit back and forth
dropping fruits galore
eat eat feed you must and will
the sweet nectar running down my throat
replenishing my body
my mind begins to clear
and my body begins to feel
as if charged like a battery
a smile creeps upon my face
I am at one with this moment
and I fear them not
or the practice of their methodology
I lay back and close my eyes
peace solace comfort
from my place of comfort


Monday, 7 June 2010


Voices echo from a million
thousand miles
resonating their voices
now a collective sound
speaking uttering murmuring
their single message
wrapped up in a black velvet wrapper
highlighted with as if gold leaf particles
with a touch of silver finesse
life is being born created
from a whimsical puff of dust
into a cooling rounded ball
of raw energy
that springs forth all life
from the single cell 
to the light
that shines down so 
oceans begin one side
and end another
whilst below
the velvet blackness
soars countless beings
of the mystical
untouched unseen
by the naked life
land mass grows expands
upon which trees sprout forth
cleaning purifying the air
as giants amongst men 
walk tall
teaching young 
feeding grazing
as the sun turns to night
where upon the collective voice 
once again calls
tomorrow is another day
in this here garden
of our paradise
from where hence 
all life springs from
grow you will develop
you shall
and forth you will
surely carry this message so
as the curtain closes
an the night lights glimmer
offering protection
to those afraid of the dark
sleep now safe
wrapped in our need
our devout love
of all eternity


Sunday, 6 June 2010


To be lifted to be held
oh so tight in that embrace
touched and loved
within a single heartbeat
as if nothing else occurs
oh how I can soar so high
like the eagle on a wing
flying so very free
arms of safety 
sound and secure
within the knowledge
that it will always be this way
no matter the distance 
one must walk
or the hardships of the journey
and even though there is silence
at certain times
I always hear your voice calling
unto surely me
leading me home
where once again I am complete
whole and restored
as if my saviour
and though tears may fall
and pain may inflict
and the rain will fall 
clouds will crash
lightening will strike
I am here within your heart
wrapped up in your soul
somewhere between 
the heavens and earth
as if almost frozen
in time
still is my world
safe is my heart
held tightly in your hands


Wednesday, 2 June 2010


My field of gold how you beckon
call upon me so
from the moment I awaken
to the minute I look upon you
from my bedroom window
oh how I long want need
to lay in yonder and wile away time
hear the larks singing 
on their wings so
as they swoop and weave
through endless blue skies
of oceans stretched
to lay under the tree in the far corner
rest back and feel the mighty oak
as my held fast trustee lean to
like the old chair in the parlour
the sways of wheat heads wave
unto me so
as a light breeze ablows
  unto me as if 
I was a regal king
amongst them so
the scurrying of the field mice
tending their nests 
for the summers young
in the hope the future will be
as is the now
and yet my need is 
for me to breath deep
awash the lungs
with the ever cleansing air
purified by a million eons
of natural states
unhampered by man
unaffected by machine
mighty limbs reach afar
to distant corners
of the land ahead
standing guard over the gold
that is the summers reward
for the furrowing farmer
and his tending wife
with their children and dog to
no one to see no one to talk to
but the land itself
as hands reach down
and feel warm rich soil
feeling its life
as it runneth through fingers so
fed by mother nature
in all her glory
as she smiles down 
here but another day
on Gods beautiful planet
that is my field of gold


Seen Afar:

Watched afar new comers
with all eyes on the room
and each other
vacant stares occasional glances
expressions shown shared
surmised passed by left there
whispers and comments
sideways frontwards
all the same no matter
the way they are spoken
captured eyes held fast
falling deep inside 
as if free falling 
from a large rock
unto a valley with no bottom
a thousand words spoken
and yet
none uttered by the other
a hint of a knowing smile
the curling of lips 
upwards in a free expression
as if to say a million things
laughter and voices drown the senses
and yet the gaze is held
a complimentary word spoken
a moment shared given
senses alive by the very things
used to capture them
from clothes to scents
to hair to shoes
all a summery as if a book jacket
night lights flicker
candles flame
and music plays
and yet the dance lingers on and on
long after the party is over
the mind is like a cine film
replaying over and over
what it is its captured
and yet somehow
the sound track doesn't play
with the imagery
as if the mind changes
focuses on that one moment
in the hope
the replay becomes the present
left to play on and on
within the concious mind
of the gathering rooms
of collective thoughts