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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Weak Within Strength:

Which way do I go
to the left or to the right
either way I go in circles
he said
she said
no he didnt yes she did
oh your confusion
meddles with me so
doors closing
doors opening
trying to run the corridors
of this confused discontent
grasping doors
to close them so
as so the demons wont escape
too late there goes the pre thinker
pre conceiver his friend 
following him so
what if and what maybe
the terrible twins
as they run further through
now the loons run the zoo
and all I can do is sit 
watch and wait
until they sleep
then I shall lock them back up
and return to a state of bliss
where I wont wonder
this way or that way

Forced Retired:

Stormy nights stormy days
cold blank grey canvas
stretched as far as the eye can see
rain drops and wind
hailing soaking 
within me so
old and tired
broken and torn 
and run down
the old pier isn't what she was
holding folks fast
with her stunning beauty
sights and sounds
that drew them 
from afar and near
trams and lines
all leading to her front court
where depart they did
to sounds of awe
her twinkling lights
beacons at night
as waves washed her feet
keeping her clean so
children would run along her boards
and workers polished her beams
a lick of paint after the winter
ready to reveal herself
once more to the public
as if regal in her stand
now these are but memories
as she slowly slips away
into the ocean that held her so
but even in her final throes
beautiful she is
and will be in the minds 
of all that ever walked 
her oak boards
perhaps one day
afore it too late
someone will come
and throw a life line
an save the old girl yet
for in her timbers
there's life yet
and just one more act
she would surely do
just to hear the smiles and woos
of a public less then ordinary


Saturday, 24 July 2010


I've watched the moon rise 
over Paris
and I've watched her gently fall (Bh <3)
touched the night skies
soared with a Eagle 
on the wing
swooped and dived
until there was only
inertia of the moment
sailed across the seven seas
and yet still been at home
dived as if a gullimot
and yet never touched water
grown like a tree
high and mighty
and yet never planted roots
been a single flower head
searching for the sun
and yet
never sown seeds
I have been a thousand voices
and yet
never uttered a single word
I've lived for many a year
millennia for sure
and yet
died a million times
I've slept through comets coming
and yet
held on fast to their shooting tails
flying across the nite skies
for I am
I will surely be



free falling
until there is only
the sound of burning
flames of seduction
a higher tempo
as your body courses
feels the movement
the rhythm
trapped inside
surrounded outside
by the eerie glow
of a thousand eyes
as you burn your way
through the forests
to the ever eternal



How can it be better then this
when your facing me
holding me in your grasp
clutching me to you
keeping me safe
from woes and betides
that lurk in the darkness
what would be easier then to fall
deep into your eyes
and simply float away
their boats maybe sinking
all around them so 
beyond saving
but I will always have 
in you my saving grace
and whilst the rain falls
and the sun shines
leafs turn red an yellow
cold winds blow sheltered in you
I find myself secure
to be but always me
words said undone
passed and left
is of no consequence
but for this moment
when you tell me
I am I will be
the only one
to catch you when you fall
upon the rising tides
of the storms below


We can't all give love she says
her eyes streaming 
of crystal broken 
shattered diamonds
of what was once 
her dreams
pale face clutched by her hands
tracks of her tears
leaving runways
to me I pull her so
her soft sobs shaking her body so
against my stiffened chest
hoping praying
the memories of before 
will leave her be
as if birds
Angels on the wing
to show to teach
that without this
and that within
there is no faith or belief
in a better tomorrow
with the understanding
it is a lesson
of lost labours love
in the knowledge
will love you for you
without rhyme or reason
but just because
your love will flow
and once again 
you will be whole
and surely healed
until then I have love enough
to hold you tight
and to be able 
to fight these demons
until they surely drop


Thursday, 22 July 2010


So she comes to me
on this moonlight evening
as if the sun was our candle
her beacon
my marker
her hand in mine
a walk we take 
to the clearing we reach
and silent we fall
our hearts beating as one
minds connected in that moment
pulling each other close
feeling the heat of our bodies
as we desire the time
to never end or fade
slowly the blackness comes
of the nite skies
and above us sits a thousand million
stars each a wish of love
need want and desire
and crave her I do 
need her always
gently laying amongst the blankets
as the fire crackles
like moths to the burning flames
love we do make through the night
with only the stars 
and flickering flames
to guide us
beyond the centre of our hearts
with whispers of love
grace and divinity becomes
the carriage of life
for us both
to where sleep does enter
as we lay in each others arms


Friday, 16 July 2010

Memories Of Sun:

Coast lines and sand lines
leading their way
unto the blue crystal
sheen glass sheets
as the birds gather
swooping and swaying
gathering amongst 
the buoys and bays
of a time 
long left behind
except ever present
in my mind


Green rolling fields
leading to the deep blue 
ocean sea
where the guillemot
dive an the seagulls
swoop upon
many a crested wave
as anglers cast
an walkers ramble
to many a place 
buying selected choice
shop keepers token wares


Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Thought:

Echoes and thoughts randomise the mind
making sense of the clutter
when there is no use
words said words unspoken
all a pile or heap
upon the darkened floor
roars and shouts replayed
on and on
lost in translation
let alone common sense
laughs and smiles
heaped together in their own piles
as if not needed any more
drifting away to another place
I am but reminded however
of the present time and place
I find myself in
wish upon a star do I
as the moon shines her light
on me so
bathing my skin
in a opulent white glow
smiles and frowns
of thoughts now and then
tis but the life I lead
reminded constantly
how much moves changes
as we grow older
content in my ways
for now
happy to be me
in this here time and place
without a care in the world
then that, that are yours
tendered and cared for
as if your farm hand
for fragile they are
and tender they be
just as precious as mine are
to but me
for this is the life I lead
and slowly I float away
on a sea of ever lasting wants
and wishes and dreams
that it always be
stays this way