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Friday, 30 January 2009

End Of Innocence:

Many years I came to this farmstead
a life I did build for me an my family
the lands we toiled and turned
a home we built for us all
simple by my hands but fit for a king
furrowed and fertilised
ready for the spring crops
that would provide a summer harvest
for us all and one
a market we would go
and crops by fair hands
would pass to another
life was a comfortable existence
and the banker was mans best friend
we ran mighty strong fine horses
who pulled the ploughs
and collected the bales
and in the summers night
threasured wheat
ready for the miller
to make the finest of bread
for the working man
of this great land
upon my window
id stare and vast oceans
of rolling green fields
captured my eyes
twas to be sure a honour
to be a working man
of this great land
hard and back breaking
we didn't mind
for to be in gods company
sun rain and hail
was enough to feed any man
at my porch of a nite id sit
with farm hands a travelling
supping mead made from the fields bounty
sharing a pipe an a tale or two
life outside seemed to go by
faster then the rate of life here
people got faster
and cars shinier
banks got bigger and businesses
became Incorporated
leaving no space for the common man
whilst we worked on
in the burning summer sun
prices changed and costs soar
and what was once a reward for hard work
seemed but a empty gesture
for the surviving man
who seemed to have nothing
slowly one by one
they did sale up
giving lands to property developers
leaving nothing to chance
to escape what was before
a way of life
my hand i didn't turn or show
and on I worked
until one day they came
from the city
with fancy cars and brief cases
a writ was issued and my home possessed
broken was my heart
and lost was my soul
we left by night travelling the roads
city life had crept further out
as if tendril fingers
grasping and grabbing
consuming all that was before it
we searched high on high
and many a job I seeked
my hands roughened
my back strengthened
only to be told
a cheaper way is the steel horse
that works faster then you
and then I realised
theres no place for the common
working man
and that day part of the world died
now I am old and grey
my wife passed
and my children big cheese city folk
for they knew no other way
and the chair I sit
watching kin and folk pass me by
back I went not long ago
to the lands were I was happiest
stood there was my home
run down and bespoken
the lands dead and dry
were nothing not tended by loving hands
will ever grow once again
this is was the heart
of a once proud man
broken and mired
left to wilt and die
his cherished memories
inside his mind
only ever the reminder
when this great land
was but the common mans

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


The things we do the things we say
the knowing looks the confident smiles
the show and tell of side ways glances
of mutual understanding
given consent on all taboo
and trusted belief sworn to allegiance
memory's shared given and received
to be held fast locked away tight
difficult periods of emotion
saved by arms wide
hands outstretched in support
to as when and were needed so
joys and triumphs
sadness and frowns
no matter the weather
given freely and unforsaken
silence golden no words needed
when the times are right
and comfort is abound
in the knowledge that though we share
the same ideology's
different we surely are
and will be
conceptual ideas and debatable beliefs
teaching us different
each and everyday
to touch the sky with a smile
and to soar the clouds with a grin
then to fall to earth with laughter
this is just like us
and tis but then in times
just like this
that we do realise
tis friends we are
and tis friends we be
now and forever more

Thank You
To Those
That Know
Who You Are
My Friend
Your Are
My Friend
You Be

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Nite Life:

Lying here in the darkness
as the rain falls upon my window pane
drawing images in my mind
of afore and now
remembering how I liked to walk
in the dark cold nights
amongst the still of all life
as fresh cold droplets
of Angels tears
fall upon me so
as if self cleansing
touching feeling all that is
noting the moments
that have created made this life so
pulling my coat up around me tighter
watching as neon lights
flash in puddles afore me
reds and greens like beckoning signs
walk on further stop and look walk more
like life as if hesitant
pauses long and stillful
allowing you too see beyond
the hazy rains spectrum
I have been out here many a night
lost and searching for someone
something so to light my world
bring me out of the darkness
and into the golden light
that is this life so
within us all
faltered and restless I have surely been
sat upon benches left
to sit remotely
watching the world go on by
the tree single sits in obtuse stance
waving to those that see
its vast canopy
offering little shelter
in the long cold dank night so
coffee shops long closed
vendors home sleeping
hunting foxes slope off down darkened alleys
as the cat treats me with disdain
as if I am not part of this sketch
whilst garbage trucks tend to the city's waste
ladies of the night and drunks roll past me so
having made their ways
through the journey of their self lives
a gentle song rolls past me
carried on a stiffening breeze
uttered by someone
on their way home to their loved ones
lovers stand in a door way
her giggle heard
as they kiss and cuddle
whilst I become a marauder of the city so
crossing slick wet roads
past sitting taxis
as if hoping for a late night rush
policeman pass me by
offering stares of discontentment
as if I were a night crawler
but quickly dismiss me as a walker
in the nights city play
me a character secondary
to the life beyond me
up in the distance
sirens wail somebodies going to jail
whilst the priests watch on
begging for forgiveness
to those lost and cold
in this bleak unsheltered world
that draws and sucks from you so
the life that leaves no remark
no comment
except to say
welcome to the nite life
of those that never find

Friday, 23 January 2009

Frozen Briefly:

Time they say waits for no man
the heart beats on
and the seconds go by
minute after minute
hour after hour
never to be gained back
all those moments lost
to the passing of father time
and his marauding clocks
spin the world does on and on
taking with it vital milliseconds
now lost to the ether so
what would you do
if it was given back
as if time was turned back once again
to a point in time of your choosing
were you could change
what was then and is now
would you even bother to
or freely accept it is how it is
unduly influencing all that will be
curious is the human
as mans search for many things continues
including reversing time
back to some creative point or moment
too witness too see too hear
to feel and know
would the outcome change
from your presence so
without speaking or touching
would you even be here now
pondering these words
would you know and see all you do
and feel what you feel
each and every day
for on and on the heart will beat
and the clock will tick an strike
sounding out its march
of days to you the soldier of this life
and follow it you will
and live by it you shall
for time is now lost
since I began
and gained back it wont be
nor ever stop

whether your here or not

Monday, 19 January 2009


You know I know
when silent but staring upon each other
its that look you give
like utter flames
of extreme craven wanton
and I see you see it so
sitting watching you
I notice the many things
you have your traits
its the way you tip your head
too one side so
how you bite on that lower lip
as if in eager anticipation
feeling the moment
when alone how it will be
as I come to you
and caress your body so
and you know I know
how you smile and feed
on me and my body so
with those big bright beautiful eyes
wanting needing me
mentally undressing me
just as much as I'm wanting you
that lingering pause of words
silence only ever broken
by our wild and beating hearts
I feel your wanton desire
your body heat
even from here
and I know how much
just the same as me
you long for that mom
when hands touch naked flesh
when two bodies
combine even collide to make but
I know your thoughts like you know mine
as you smile and laugh
at my words so
and yet all the while
wanting more and more
just as much as me
and sure you know how
my mind does but race
with a thousand thoughts
of you of me of us
concluding that you
an your body
just like mine
is surely on fire
with the knowing
that our sex
your sex
and my sex
will only ever feed the fires so
as on and on they rage
through blackened nites
lit by the pyres
of a chemical romance
lingering soft touches
passioned longing kissing
wondering soft subtle fingers
upon bare naked flesh
watching as your eyes say take me
lay me down
feel my body heat
lay yourself with me
touch me
as your body courses
with a million trillion sparks
this is but our need
our want to be
anywhere any place
just as long
we are alone
in this moment so

An So:

Though you may be sleeping
resting drifting on lazy hazy clouds
hued purples and violets so
whilst you are swimming far and wide
upon a nite sky
lit with a million stars
each one a safe beacon of light
during your night journey
as your
soaring like a shooting star
rushing through milky ways
dancing on planets distant surfaces
though cold and far away
comfort and faith doth come
upon you so
as you cuddle closer the pillows
covers loose lazily spread
upon your limp body so
your eyes shut
flashing a thousand images
like a movie from afore
sounds and smells
unrelenting in your mind
creating a feeling of need and want
whilst a million miles you may be
and oceans drift lazily
touching shores far and wide
whilst guillemots soothe their young
nestle them down to sleep so
whilst the moon purveys you
in your den of nurture
warmth and comfort so
I am but here watching you
holding you so close to me
knowing that I am there with you
led by your side
breathing in time to you
dreaming a thousand dreams
in my wondering mind
each one a story picture book
with only ever one outcome

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


This body this shell
flesh and bones
beating hearts so
in the guise of man and women
life eternal springs forth
from chemical engineering
and here be we do stand
no different in genes and images
but so so different in textures and contours
shapes and sizes all so unseemlier
you be you
and I be me
my thoughts your thoughts
all from the same muscle
but how different they be
how words can be thought and said
in the blinking of an eye
to understand to know
each and everyone we meet
along the way
electric energy coursing's its way through
from the moment of first breath
to the moment of the last
and though here we are not in the flesh
in the ether we do but soar freely
as if spirits waiting
a new carriage so
all we learn all we know
carried through
from point to point
in the self wrote book
of our lives so
each chapter a opening
and closing of a point in time
left to those to yet come
to reflect and glean
to guide them so
children we do but create
in the guise of us
a perfect model of beauty
sheltered and nestled
until ready to step and walk
for themselves so
we are but balls of raw eons
populating consuming
but then inside
there is so much more to us all
to touch and feel
to know and say
speaking great words
of love and kindness
giving empathy and consolement
to wrap arms around a loved one
and feel the heart beat wild
to reach out and touch a lover
how the flesh does tingle
and the mind spark
with eager anticipation so
how the breath quickens
and the heart races
how the throat drys
and the eyes glean an shine
how when sad we do but cry
as sadness forlorn es us
and how we feel so cold
when arms of the world
don't wrap themselves around us so
how the sun feels on ones face
and how we are when we see a new Born's smile
those first steps
them there first words
the over all awe inspiring moments
that tell us this life
theses moments
us humans
can and will make
life beautiful so
for us and our children
so next time you see someone
in the flesh
remember inside there is and will be
so much very more

Fly Like An Eagle:

Sat here reflecting on the life I have
and the life I have led
wishing now to take flight
high into the sky
beyond the blue horizons
to summer suns
where oceans glitter
and rivers flow
were there is a smile
awaiting surely for me
were open arms will embrace me so
and hold me close forever more
to settle and roost
until the last breath
so soaring I am
higher and higher
catching a current passing me by
lifting me up as I swoop and sway
my way unto you
awaiting that sign from you so
as if to say
here your come land you will
and safe your be forever more
a touch a moment a feeling
given unto me
pushing me further on over
lands green and oceans blue
past trawling ships
and driving cars
as people busily go about their lives
but mine is about to begin
once again rested nestled in your hands
as I await your outstretch arms so
a tender embrace from you
drives me on further
through nite skies
as stars guide the way
with the moonlite as my shroud
as if my own personal torch
days turn to nights
nights to turn to days
breaking out of the dawn in a fell swoop
there stands you
smiling like the sun
and home I surely am
safe and sound
once again


Be still my stirred heart
take a walk and sooth the senses
feel the air and life
upon your flesh so
absorb the life around you
be at one and rest the mind
there's nothing to think here
except to feel all that you can
gently as I walk slowly upon the sand
I stop to gaze across the vast sheen
how I wonder what others are doing
on the other side
is someone else walking
thinking feeling the same as me
a ghost crab scuttles past me so
no time to stop he disclaims
as the white bait leap from the mackerel
lying in wait of the third wave sits the sea bass
dinner is served
as guillemots self help
the buffet of life begins
as muscles and amoebas
dance in time to the lapping waves
star fish lift limbs to me
as if to say hello
rock pools glisten with hidden delights
and when I peer down so
they the life scurry away
as if I have disturbed them
to the edge I slowly drift
were the cooling waters runneth over me
absorbed in this moment
pleased to know life is abound
removing my clothes
I sink slowly into this vast mass
of liquid silk
allowing it to wash over me
seagulls call to me so
dive deeper see below
immersed within
a new different world
erupts into my vision
and I see how life is so very different here
relaxed and soothing
no hurry no rush
a sunken boat once mighty
upon the crests of waves
rests upon the sandy bottom
awaiting someone to reclaim her so
and upon her the wrasse poke their heads
from port holes
now door ways to living worlds
jelly fish flock in masses
waving their tentacles to me so
welcome and hello
sharks glide majestically
turning and swaying
with eyes of caution
but happy to let me be
the conger eel views me with apprehension
and reverts back into his darkened hole
no doubt muttering to those that listen
here be another to pry spy
upon us all so
the waves crash and bang around me
warmth with a touch of chill
soothes my flesh so
and the desire to never leave occurs
but this is their world
and I am but a guest
and to their day I will leave them so
and come back another day
hitching a ride upon a passing ray
all aboard last stop coasts edge
waving bye to the life below
as I slowly soar upwards beyond
to the land of the living
leaving life eternal
to carry on without me so


Tuesday, 13 January 2009


A summers lazy day
spent in the company of the sun
as she warms you so
on this very fine day
taking a walk through fields of green
to the seas of yellow
as the mustard flowers wave you by
russet reds and blown blues
gentle greens posed purples
all the hues the eye can capture
as its held captivated
in the mind so as if a camera
clicking storing saving the shots
drift far and wide upon a cloud
as if looking down
on ones universe
so much to reach out
and touch and feel
the very of existence beckons beyond
and as the warmth of the rays
spread across your bare flesh
the mind drifts away
and the body falls
slowly to be caught
in a meadow
of flowers wild
borne for you
and Gods beautiful land
assisted by Mother Nature
and her paint brush
masterfully capturing creating
even Van Gogh bows to such wonderment
this is but your living painting
so feel free to be absorbed
and immersed in such
for life is always
here so very beautiful


Monday, 12 January 2009

A I ? :

Time management eternal resources
switch places close doors
reflect and refract inner feeling
push on within deeper so
touch the neon sky
that blurs the eyes
processes distinct in self belief
created and envisaged
with a faith born of the mind
acceptance always a difficult matter
neuron paths sparking so
as the pulses feed the flesh
cold to the touch or hot to the feel
as its bourne deep within
darkened caverns lit by blue
electronic reactors
born and bred
cared and tendered
as it launches a thousand
cascading thoughts
that reveal the inner sacredness
of ones inner core
growth and development
born out of eons of time
produce this final moment
were self is but you
and this is but your
very own mind

Recast Within You:

Echoed reasons for a loved one
trapped in the ever turning mind
of golden magical mists
rising with the sun
setting with the moon
as they both shine on
in the dawn echoes
shooting stars cascade on
passing by me so
leaving me with a blue hued ether
counting all the things you are
constantly erasing the flames within
torching scorching
what was yesterday
holding on is like the rays of the wind
passing through is like a nova tail
spinning on and on
superficial chains rattled
and broken so
left to crumble to nothing
calculating the touch of a loved one
as it releases the eternity of wish and want
I only hope your always understand me so
finding that here there is no place to run
so to your arms I turn and turn
beggars belief to those
that don't see it so
mystified and quantified
within the reasoning of a wanton mind
you bring back what was taken so hastily
knowing what kind of girl you are
thinking it will surely guarantee my safety
deep within echoed blue moons of afore
shooting for the moon
in a bottle ship
crashed and burned on the super nova
as I breathe the essence of all that is me
searching the moon lite pinkness
how many ways do I say neon love
so that your hear it so
finding the world spin me past
words uttered as if spun
by a giant clawed being
of not here but there
lucid dreams cause the evaluation
if I warn it want it so
tighter focus will bring about
seasons of Stella change
were I will long to reside
In a distant star
but a echo of the self reasoning
you are to me
deep surely so
within me

Sunday, 11 January 2009


In a world of maddening chaos
were voices cry out so
and screams pitch high
stands a man
wondering from room to room
opening doors to places
that one had but locked away
empty threats
beckoning grimaces
faced and dismissed
as another door closes so
on empty corridors
of this summers discontent
whilst all the while
trodden underfoot
the skulls crushed of those fallen
irks drag reduced mere mortals
by their hair to impending torture
hell lasts forever
for those that never seem
to kill nor slay the dragon so
haunt you he surely will
and laugh he does
with his breath like that
of a rotten corpse
an from sharpened teeth
hang the strips of flesh
torn from rancid carcasses
run you do from room to room
looking for the exits
to no avail this is but
your personal chamber of horror
locked inside your mind
but dare you scream
let alone cry and plead
for find you he will
and consume you he shall
until there is only
ever this empty shell
face the fears
and accept the wrongs
stand and fight the good fight
keep the faith
and watch as the sun commeth
and slowly but surely
your personal demons
do but turn to dust
only to be blown away
by the cool north wind
no man nor women never knew
to be so strong
until faced with their own being
and realised
tis not the world at fault
just mearly
their very own faults
of utter doubt

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Saturday, 10 January 2009


Shhhh be still life is sleeping
beyond the frozen walls
dormant resides the ever beating
hubarb heart of life
mother nature is but resting
from her tireless paintings
all spring and summer
they the flowers
stood in their fine colours
mighty and proud
to their eternal beds they have retired
resting from the sunny days
the stream is halted mid flow
water that once ran freely
feeding the visitors
of summer
now stopped by the onslaught of ice so
birds and their fine plumage
now dark and dingy
sleeping so in nests lined
with their summers young
safe and sound
the fox and the badger
after lazing in the rays so
lay in dens nestled with fallen leaves
from the autumn trees
green and full tall and mighty
sleep they be
so shhhh don't make a sound
for to wake them early
would be to ruin the spring summer chorus
a explosion of colour and life
but amidst the snow
a single snow drop bares its head so
testing checking
calling out come and see come and see
bluebells raise their heads
brrrrrr so very cold here
but still we will stand
and await to greet
the southern sun
once again
and to us she will wave
wrapping us in her rays of joy
as children frolic in the streams so
and the animals bask in the sun
the trees will grow once again
leaves of shade
and the birds will sing once again
their summer sonnets
but for now
life is sleeping
as if frozen in time

Friday, 9 January 2009

Let Go:

She sits at her window
staring down the vacant path
relating to the cracks in the stone work
as if the ones in her heart so
wondering where he's gone to
memories stirred evoked within
as his words still circulate
on in her tender fragile mind so
she wishes and longs
for when days were better
when she would wake
and no matter the weather
whether or not the rain fell
on her window so
it didn't effect her
for his smile was the only sunshine
she ever did need
to make it through each and everyday
he's left a void like a forgotten building
once adored and loved
now a relic left to demise
shes not bitter within now though
the ifs and whys dont effect her so
and his departing was but his choice
for she has but lived a thousand times
in this moment over and over
she does but realise
that this is a journey
that we all must take in life
and whilst he wont be home
and there wont be words of comfort
and signs of love from his lips
nor hands
it matters not
for tomorrows now only just begun
sense and reasoning
prevail and show her the way
and he becomes but a distant memory
loved once now just a glimmer
slowly burning away
as if a spent candle
so now she gathers her thoughts
in the bay of her window she sits
and a smile creeps to her face so
and thoughts do but turn
to a new day
that will surely come
for as always
life must and will go on
with the promise
of a better tomorrow

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Ah to be at one
the still and peace wash over me so
silence they say is golden
well who am I to argue such
when all around me so
I see such stillness
a twitch and cast
of line and rod
and all at once
a simplified peace reigns
not bird nor man
interrupt this solitude
whilst awaiting the pis coral
me and them a battle of wits
but to not catch or hook
tis of no matter
for its the being here
that counts for such
and if I am graced so by such
then of course it be more fetching
will be this time and place
to come and wet a line
to sit and watch the water so
to catch a fish to set free
watching lazily as the mist rolls
pass me by so
and gives way to the summer sun
waiting for the water
to take away my thoughts
on the back of ripples so
ah tis Gods land
and I am blessed
to awaken each day and share in all
my eyes windows to the world beyond
stored and treasured forever more

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Eternal Shroud:

From the heavens I did reside and there I did sit
watching over a million billion people
too-ing and fro-ing
as they went about their lives
a thousand years did but pass
and a million baby lips I did but kiss
breathed the life I gave
for them to yearn and grow
in the distance the clouds did change
and the darkness grew
joy and triumph gave way
to rage and anger
as Gabriel succumbed too the whispers so
the speaking monkeys he did but say
favoured by he whose right hand side we sit
lessened we are nothing we be
for now he has but his familiars to be
Michael stood and all at once
a indifference swept this here heaven
the lines drawn in the hallowed ground
sides taken to arms they did
all the while I sat and watched
confused by events passing me by
to Michael on high I did but say
why is this happening so
to me he did surely say
to the earth you must go
walk with them feel them so
and to them your see
and know them you will
when you have walked amongst them
and you have but began to understand
their need and wants
and their right to grow
whilst under the protection of us
then your know why I Michael fights so
this isn't about right or wrong
wrong or right
but about all life eternal
when my days came to an end
and when the knowledge was set with in
to the heavens flew
to Gabriel I did but seek
and to him I did but say
they are only ever
needing our love
is this not what we do
stand over them watching them
wrapping our wings of comfort
around them surely
whilst guiding protecting them so
he did but fall and weep at the feet
mourning his woe and betide
the light of comfort in the heavens
came upon and too him the voice
of but a million angels
called out to him surely so
All Life Is Eternal

The war has ended now
and peace remains
but still I come to walk amongst you so
just so that I may feel like you
be touched like you
to fear like you
to cry and weep like you
to smile and laugh
to know and understand
lest I should forget
Life is but a precious thing


Fade Away:

My garden of hope and change
my place of silence and rest
my wishes and desires
set free to the elements
the trees adorned with many a leaf
hues of fire and ember
fall steadily upon the floor
that I causally walk upon so
a gentle breeze does but blow
through my little world
lifting the leaves higher on high
carrying them over the threshold
to the world outside
each one carrying my message
of a better tomorrow
with a brighter sun
and warmer day
they swirl and drift
as if lazy ballet dancers
lounging on the wind so
carried on further to the north
gently fading to become
nothing but air
were my dreams will lay
awaiting the day
for them to hatch like the seed
the leafs did come from so
come spring
unrealised for now
unkempt and left to but gently fade away
until the south sun comes
to shine her smile
and lift the spirits of all afore
as if to say
wake up wake up
tis time to live
grow again in all your splendour
and let the eyes of the world
see all that is
the beauty of you
gasp and gape at all your colours
as people pass you by
and sit upon the limbs will the animals
and feathered friends
safe and nurtured
just like my very wishes and dreams
sent a season or two
but afore....

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Saturday, 3 January 2009


A kiss is often but a kiss...
but a kiss from you is but akin to the sun upon a garden rose...
the very fibre and being of life itself
so let me bask in it so
and embrace the beauty that is surely you
unto me each and everyday
that I am here able to breath all that is surely us

A touch is but a simple touch
but a touch from a angel to a baby
is but a wondrous thing
so allow me to revell in such moment
as your arms caress me so

A look is but a look
often left as a glance
forgotten in time and space
but a stare is the being of life
so allow this picture to be taken
and imprinted upon my mind
so I never forgot all that is you

A wish is but a wish
uttered in false hope
but a dream of a wish
is a desire come true
that endeavours to lift my heart
soul and spirit
rapturing me within
for always

A hope is but a hope
left in the Pandora box
to collect dust
but this hope this want
this up most need
is the life chord
that we will continue but as one
now and forever more

Words are just words
uttered simply without due care
or even often consideration
but words from you are like words
of a scholar teaching the mind
lifting the heart and soul
of the very being of me
to be replayed time and time again
so that I will always feel this way
about but you

Thursday, 1 January 2009


Oh Lord do you hear me so
can you feel my need of you
in this time and hour
my words are sent unto you
but it seems you have forsaken me so
I know of the footprints
and how you said you carried me so
across this here land
but now more then ever
your guidance I seek
I have looked high and low
upon the sky upon the floor
but see you I don't
and your words do not come to me so
why have you left me here to dwell
to feel as I do inside of me
inside I have but looked
and visited many a house
said to be but yours
and still no sign
nor beckon
from you I have had
and now I am left here alone
wondering why
as I turn away and tears fall
forsaken inside
empty within
I notice a sunset beautiful with grace
lighting the world afore me
and all at once I am at one with this world
I look out to the sea and see a million trillion diamonds
shimmering on the glassy surface
as if winking at me
the cool waters run at my feet
soothing my senses and high above
the birds fly to roost
dipping their wings at me
as they pass me by
and slowly this golden light surrounds me so
such warmth and comfort
as if a personal private hug
and but then I do realise
you are but every were
always showing me the way
guiding protecting me so
shielding me comforting me
within the beauty that is this world
afore me each and everyday as if my very own shroud