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Photography: Page 2

Winter 2012
Photo's took of the snow
And how they captured me so
with its constant flow


I love how nature takes beauty
creates and makes
and yet
after the big show
leaving us in awe
she does something even more special

As if caught weeping
frozen in that very moment
as we bear witness 

I adore this photo so very much
though frozen solid ice
and left to simply hang
if you look oh so close
you can see the water and air
trapped inside 
in a frozen cocoon
awaiting the sun

As if the plant was caught with it's tongue out
now trapped in a coat of ice

I love how light reflects of snow
trees walls paths plants
and comes back at you
through the flash you sent out
mysterious yet....

Light Twisted through the branches
as if to make a star shine 
so very bright

Spooks an surprises
Ghosts and Goblins
or even
woodland tree Nymphs
all reside here

The snow upon the branch
reveals the way the wind blew
when the snow fell
clinging to the barks surface
now frozen in time

Fingers reaching perhaps
for the skies that froze them so 

I liked this photo as soon as I had taken it
at first it seemed to me just frozen water/ice
but then upon looking carefully
it's as if a creature perhaps a slug
has become frozen in its tracks

Carpets of colour
be it moss
bark or even snow
the colours ever present

Life emerges pushing on
and though frozen and as if trapped
in it's icy grip
still it reaches on high

A Ice Shelf over hanging
each piece interlink
and as if I could take my hand
and slide it behind the ice fall

Diamonds perchance 
left by Jack Frost
to collect on his way home
or collected ice particles shining the way

The many trees weighed down
by the nights snow fall
as if sprinkled
by the B.F.G

Within the bough of tree
nesting warm those
that feel the bitter cold
safe in the innards away from the snow

Even as high and far the eye can see
nothing is missed 
from Mother Natures
winter snow brush

Landscapes filled with snow
freshly laid as if a new carpet
and yet beyond
the colour and warmth beckons you so 

The mighty oak how mighty it stands
and though bear
no acorns no leaves so
how proud it still stands waving to all

Though white and ever-so bright
from top to tail
and side to side
one can still see the hues of blue

Such weight such mass
all piled upon this bush
that grows so small
and yet how strong it shows

Sparkles and glints 
piercing to the very eyes
beauty within as you see
the prettiness that burst on out 

A walk I took
Alone I thought I surely was
but there in a line
stood the trees to wave me on by

During summer when adorned with leaves
this sight never to be seen
upon the winter when looking
I get too see through this window so

As if a ghost of a tree
reaching out to touch 
your shoulders so
scared you be

A witches wand perhaps 
captured as she fled
from the frozen scene
now held fast in Jack Frosts grasp 

Frozen jewels for the Ice Queen herself
collected en-mass 
and delivered on a post
as she's sure to pass on by 

As you peer into the depths so
you see the ice formations
and air bubbles below
is it not magical this show

Natures gift to Mother
a fine crystal chandelier
to hang from above
as she paints the way

Frozen fingers trapped ever-so
paused mid flow
as if reaching nay pointing 
to the very riches that maybe below


Next time on Photo's
with words
Summer an Spring
 it will be an amazing show


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