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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thanks Giving !

Seeing you out and about
watching as you strut
amazed as you flaunt
bringing you home
the long car journey
my eyes on you all the way
lips licked in eager hesitation
dragging you through the door
into the kitchen
across the table
touching your flesh
feeling your breasts
moulding them shaping them
sliding my hands up your thighs
plump and rounded
damn so firm
and yet so tender
laying you down
upon the pine wood
and entering you
stuffing you with all I have
watching as your
taking it all
more and more
smearing you in honey
caressing your skin
tying your legs
trussing you up
in this wild game of ours
basting you in your own juices
WoW your so hot
this feels so right
sizzling upon my side board
I want to eat you all up
taste you on my lips
your heaven scent
that special taste
mmm mm mmm

Don't you just love a fresh Turkey !!

Happy Thanks Giving !!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My All:

The rain fell last night
glistening like diamonds
upon my window
each a capsule of my dreams
only to fall away
breaking shattering
leaving behind the pieces
of what was 
the coldness creates a steam
were upon I draw your name
wondering as you sleep
do you still care
my heart aches 
and my mind runs wild
with the mistakes one makes
when confused and lost
in making it so right
that wanting touch 
of your arms 
around me so
to tell me its ok
and that this will be now and ever
my wish to you upon the stars
to love you for you
all that's said done and wanted
left in hands of those above
can it be so will it be so
if only I reach out
to tell you how much
I love you so 
that I really do care
that no matter the distance
time or space
there is a bond
hidden but strengthened
by a need so strong
of but each other
crystal pools of tears
well at the bottom of my pane
and in them your face emerges
whispering unto me
sleep now sleep
for tomorrow is a new day
and you are in my life


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Belief Of You:

How much we see and read
information flowing through
the minds deep cortexes
amounting to images
replayed over night
thoughts and ideas
concepts and visualisations
how they turn and twist
leaving you wondering
misinterpretation follows often
how it seems is how it isnt
often or not
within the minds eye
clashes of words
 things said lines crossed
random thoughts fitting
like jigsaw pieces
without realising
corners tabs cut
to mold a picture untrue
take a minute take a second
pause and breath
reflect and ask
communicate with the one
and see the words
listen to the sounds
and know its not always
as the mind percieves
as the demon shrinks
and the doors slam
to the darkness of confusion


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Then An Now:

What is but this thing
that I hold so precious
that allows me to see
all that is
for there in
lies the beauty
of it all
everything I touch
all that I feel
that I desire
want and need
in this here world
all that resides
and yet seems
to just pass me by
here today
gone tomorrow
leaving me with a sense
of welcome and hope
an utter glory
filling my mind body and soul
faith and belief
clutched tightly to my heart
for there is always
the promise
of another tomorrow


Left Alone:

The vale you wear
is but a thin disguise
to your ruby lips
of seductive lies
spoken softly
utterances of sweetness
devotional idol-ship
as if the only one
now left broken
laying torn strewn
across the floor
as if irrelevant tales
of what was before
like the many shards
of the broken mirror
where I held you so
in all that was you
when that moment
all I wanted needed
was your very words
now unwanted unneeded
left in this mired world
of utter confusion
as I'm led in state
for all to process
with the words
the heart grew fonder
but the body broke
for surely
too much love
will kill you


Where I want to be:

How can it be better then this
when your facing me
holding me in your grasp
clutching me to you
keeping me safe
from woes and betides
that lurk in the darkness
what would be easier then to fall
deep into your eyes
and simply float away
their boats maybe sinking
all around them so
beyond saving
but I will always have
in you my saving grace
and whilst the rain falls
and the sun shines
leafs turn red an yellow
cold winds blow sheltered in you
I find myself secure
to be but always me
words said undone
passed and left
is of no consequence
but for this moment
when you tell me
I am I will be
the only one
to catch you when you fall
upon the rising tides
of the storms below



City lights gleam like neons
on the cold wet stones
of the pavement below my feet
finding myself walking
in the rain
thoughts of you thoughts of me
as I pass by the glares
of fast food diners
long closed to the night dwellers
garbage trucks do the rounds
collecting the city's refuse
undetected unnoticed
whilst sleeping tramps snore
upon a bench
here and there
scattered through out suburbia
walking on down the street
I notice from the shadows
past my feet slinks a cat
on his way to meet a friend
or feed on the city's left overs
the cold embraces my bones
and I clutch the collar tighter
of my favourite winter coat
cars and bikes left long ago
the streets to the ghosts
of a bygone life
reaching steep steps
I grasp the rail and walk down
to a film of as if ink
lights glitter on the surface
from the bridges and banks
I stand by the river
watching listening
as waves lap against the shore
from passing night travellers
who partied the evening away
now tired and surely
en-route home to warm beds
the only glow that of a street lamp
shining a golden misty beam
upon a wet seat
were drew upon I do
thinking feeling nothing
but breathing the air
of a different time
and slowly I drift away
to were I am home
safe and sound
and creature comforts
sit in places designed
as the fire coals glow
shedding their warmth
upon my body so
and tea swirls its vapours
feeling my head with sweetness
I am awoken with a jolt
to find a policeman stood afore me so
excuse me sir but I'm afraid you cant sleep there
move along take yourself home
your catch a cold
with a nod and a smile
I stand and bid him goodnight
and slowly make my way home
without mentioning ever
to the officer
this is but my home



This life before me so
born of age
in a busying world
of manic tirades
and fast cars
finding feet to walk
let alone run
when even not asked
to be all you can be
to achieve to soar
upon great heights
as if a mountain
reaching for the heavens
great is the man
they say
who succeeds in life
to be oh such more
but what if the wish
is to be but me
for that is all I can
ever really be
only ever for me
and whilst the walk is far
and progress unsteady
I know one day
I will reach the summit
of all I am
and then I will know
I will see and feel
I am truly at one
with me
with you
with this here life
set before me so
until then just for now
I shall keep on
but walking


Gone By:

It gets difficult to breath
to see to know
where one is begining
and where one will surely end
the journey becomes long
and unduly tiring
with no sign of rest along the way
doubt creeps in
fears play out
as if a black and white movie
light pales to a dimness
long missed
much needed
to warm the faint hearted
and as the steps slow
noticing below the feet
are but the fallen
of those that became redundent
to the steps that are life
being all you can
breathing living
this life once
until the end
as you walk on water