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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Warmed Glow:

White Velvet Gowns
adorning the trees around
and the very bushes so
as they dance together
at the winter ball
under the moonlite glow
that casts their shadows 
upon the leaf strewn floor
Jack Frost appears amongst
the briar an heath
with diamonds and pearls
his top hat and tails
oh how they surely
glint and glean
sparkle and sheen
a mirad of colours galore
as he twist and turns
Hazel and the Mighty Oak
Pine and the Birch
branch on branch
linked together as one
waving to the evergreens
as they twist and turn 
their impressive boughs
dancing a merry dance
in the winters forest dell 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Thought Shared:

in a moment of thought
when a hello was shared
instead I found
comfort and shelter
offered in a instant
as arms are wrapped around 
the whole of what is but me 
holding me complete
turning to me your lips move
an unto me you say
speak your words
share them so 
release your fears
but hold me close as you do 
tell me your worries
an let me wipe the tears
that fall from your eyes 
speak and share your words
for I hear them upon my ears
so very loud and so very clear
look upon my eyes
adoration and understanding
tender gentle love and care
I surely convey to you
to the very being the very core
of all that is you
take my hand
I promise I won't let go
after all we've only just begun
on this journey of ours
sparks will ignite
electricity will surge
and your body will course
cells will expand
capillaries will burst
in sudden deep meaningful rushes
but do not fear them 
its just me
reaching on inside of you
soothing your soul
calming your very senses
your heart I will hold in my hands
treasuring it always and forever
for deep inside I see
the very being of me
so long now hidden away
forgotten and lost
until now 
no words need be said
I already know to what it is you convey
for in your eyes I see it all so clear
the very mirror image
of all that is but me
embrace us now
hold us close
feel me here within you
around you 
I'm part and parcel of all that is you
and now your heart beats
in a regular rhythm long before forgotten
Breath with me the air
walk with me smile with me
let go of it all and laugh
for one we are and one we will be 
for you are the cooling waters
to my temperate fires
my passion you stoke the flames
whilst cooling my senses
giving me the purpose and reason
to move on forward
washing my body
cleansing my soul
with your soft full tender lips
pressed upon yours as one
you do but whisper
I've found you now
the one I've only ever dreamed of
so don't let me go 
keep me safe from the demons 
around us both so 
hold me closer give me shelter
treasure my gentle but soft
broken old heart
and for you
I will surely grow


Monday, 11 November 2013

I'm often reminded just how fragile
life truly is 
more recently with the loss of lives
beyond my control
My Female Cat Storm 
was carrying babies
and the house was filled with excitement 
and of course joy
awaiting that moment
when they would first come into our world
preparations where made
with glee and happiness
and then it was taken
as they came too early
four very small premature kittens
not ready for this hard world
and though I fought to keep them alive
each one I watched
slip back to where they had come from
home to the ether
heart wrenching
and soul destroying it was 
and tears fell amongst us all
you feel useless and blame yourself
what more could I have done
what if Id have done this
or that
but at the end of it all
one accepts that life is
whilst oh so precious
more so fragile
it seems to me now
that our lives as humans
is more fragile then its ever been
with the development of technical wars
eco systems destroyed
hurricanes tornadoes
floods and earthquakes
that strike without malice
but just as deadly
we fail to see how we interact with this world
how we treat it
look after it an nurture an love it so
and yet not once have we stopped to think
this world this earth
it is not even ours
it is the futures
we are but the keepers
the caretakers
and not a fine job we do
we have failed in our very roles
to protect and nourish this very being
that lives and breathes
to keep us all alive
protected and comforted
warm and safe
and now she responds
in the only way she knows
the storms that rage
the seas that swell
the rain that falls
the people that loose their lives
our media is full of such moments
more then ever
and yet
we still don't listen
how long before we realize
its too little
too late


Smoke an Ashes

Reflections is that all we are when time has passed
those that stood made a final stand
their strength resolved
their hearts full of valor
across foreign lands they traveled
carrying upon their chest
the mark of representation
brave and steadfast they stepped
unto the breach
not knowing if it would be their last
the sounds of shells falling
bullets cracking past them so
the fear unmeasurable
and yet still they advanced
brothers fell screams where uttered
cries and tears shed
and still they pushed ever forward
My Grandfathers 
Both served with courage and faith and belief
One in Burma 
whom must have seen heard things
I can never quantify
The other in London
as a Fireman during the Blitz
Both serving us
protecting us
saving us
with the support of the masses
back home 
be it for the war drive
or to feed the country
no stone was left upturned
in the drive to rid the world of those
that seeked to destroy all that was good
Now they have both passed 
into a world of rest
they have earned their place
along side others who gave
all they could
to protect our liberties

And so these reflections draw me to now
and the men and women who stand and serve 
they too brave and steadfast
strong and resoloute in their duty
an yet
something has changed
there is a loss of resepct
for these fine brave people
who give their all for us
they ask for nothing in return
no medals no accolades
just the rightful respect they deserve
and yet
as I was reminded by the past
fighting in Burma as considered as
The Forgotten War
Their actions Their duties
left unnoted
their bravery their courage
and now it seems to be repeated
as fine young people
stand for civil liberties
in foreign countries
so I say this

why should the 11th Day
of the 11th Month
be the only day we remember them ?
shouldn't we remember them 
and give thanks and respect
to those that stand and take
all that is thrown at them
and then in turn throw it back
and yet
come home to nurse a new born child
love their partner
they just like us are human
with loving kind hearts 
whom feel pain shed tears
laugh smile
and give freely
perhaps we should stop
and think

lest we forget

Happy Remembrance Day