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Monday, 29 March 2010

On A Wing:

I am free to soar upon the winds
free to soar on the clouds on high
to touch the sun 
and feel her gentle warmth on my flesh so
I am the light and darkness
fading into a distant memory
as afar afield
 as the mind remembers
lifted beyond the gaze of all
to the echoes of eternity
and Angels dare lay their heads so
voices of them and us 
resounding in the currents
as I turn and turn
swooping low to pervay
the land afore me so
trees soaring and mighty
reaching their knotted arms
towards heaven
as if in rejoice
mountains on high
with their stone faces
hiding the peace they hold
age and wisdom touched with fortitude
as they cool themselves 
at waters edge of
crystal lakes of sheen glass
reflecting a thousand million diamonds
sparkling in my eyes so
perched upon a branch
I see this life pass me by
and ask
what more does one need
then the beauty of this life
stillness and peace
lifting the senses
touching the soul
as I fly free
in this beautiful blue world
of yours and mine


Sunday, 28 March 2010


This planet this earth
your home my home our home
so why do we scream at each other
kill each other 
destroy each other
raping our lands breaking the cycle
that is the balance of life for all
animals mighty and proud
now but ghosts left to walk
the plains of what was
winds and rains savage the lands
we live and breath
taking fragile life's
that once was all 
countless wars 
as 20 million lay dead
for what ?
so you can be more then you think you are
in the belief your so much better
alas did you forget
this isn't your land your earth
we are but borrowing this here life
and at any time
the lights will dim and surely fade
if not already
and all your guns oils golds
will be worth nothing
so save your tears
for there's no time for goodbyes
we have to teach our young
how fragile ALL life is
and show unto them
that we can all live as one
religion creed race
in coexistence with the animals
creatures that roam this here land
until we stop the wars
the hate the violence the greed
we will lose such a beautiful place
that lest you forget
gave you life
a home
a reason to breath
to be
can you let go
so very easily
I think not

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bathed In Crystal:

The rain fell last night
tapping upon my window pane
as if to ask to be let in 
to shelter from the north winds
upon the mire of wind and rain
I sat watching huddled in my blanket
tracing the crystal drops
as each one rolled down the glass
wondering upon their journey so
and as to whose dreams shattered with them 
as they hit the bottom of the sill
wishes and thoughts
held tight in a glass ball
until the weather turns and skies open
were upon dreams no more
fall to the ground
forgotten and left behind
my thoughts turn to the lights shining bending
as if neon rays 
shooting their beams
at me so
each one twisting and turning
their way through my window 
only to dance on the white sheets
of my messed up bed
the rain drops making patterns
like that of a spiral-graph
of when we was children
cold is the night bleak is the day
but warm and contented is me
with the knowledge
that though dreams may come and go
tomorrow is always another day
were new dreams are abound
as the rain washes and cleanses away
the ill thoughts for another time and place
slowly from the window I retire
lay down upon my pillows
and drift away to the sounds 
of the pitter patter
of the rain falling against my window pane